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Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by royale, May 29, 2009.

  1. is there a way or where can i get an attachment to turn my crown roor 4 arm ashcatcher into a bubbler?

    like a sherlock style glass on glass fitting or something
  2. Yes you can buy a GonG mouthpiece, PM me and I can tell you a few places where you can get them online
  3. only problem with that is splashback. a GonG mouthpiece with THAT particular roor AC that has alot of splashback basically acts like a straw for all that resiny water! i know you dont want a mouthful of used bong water everytime you hit your bubbler right?

    just my opinion but the GonG mouthpieces work alot better with an inline a/c or a toro trash catcher or SG 4 arm due to the longer can and A LOT less splashback..
  4. yea maybe if i put the minimul amount of water and tilted it. if trashcatchers were roor i would buy one lol, im a roor a fanatic. maybe when i get a toro ill have to pick one of those up with gong fitting. could a gong fitting fit the roor 4arm A/C and and the toro T/C?
  5. aslong as their both 14mm or 18mm, if not you'll have to get a converter
  6. roor fanatic or not, sovereignty and toro both make a better product. i love trashcatchers and the 4 arm sov acs are so smooth. word, grab yourself a mouthpiece and your good to go.
  7. what do the toro t/c run? i was actually lookin at gettin a toro inline/13 i think it is and i would get the t/c after that to go with it

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