Ash In My Eye

Discussion in 'General' started by Sam_Spade, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Arrrrrgh! I'm blind!
  2. got somethin for ya buddy

  3. I don't even understand it. I wear glasses.

    How does ash get onto my soft gooey eyeball? Talk about a total buzz kill.
  4. I would keep an 'eye' on that wouldn't want it to get infected.

  5. up n over i suppose

    ash is tricky sometimes
  6. Wear goggles next time. i know I always put on ma babies when I smoke.
  7. eye see what you did there
  8. You should be more careful young man. You can put an eye out like that...
    safety first.

    if you don't you'll make me a sad panda.
  9. I got ashbombed in the eye today ashing a blunt out the window.

    I saw the ash coming straight towards my eyeball and then it hit me.
  10. damn that sucks OP.
    this one time, my dude dropped the blunt in his mouth while he was driving.
    one of the funniest things i've witnessed in my lifetime.
  11. Serves you right!
  12. I lit a match too close to my face. That was the worst pain my eye has ever experienced. I couldn't see for a good minute. Being that I was high out of my mind, I was freaking out. LOL Atleast your not freaking out?...
  13. quick! throw some d's on dat.
  14. Cig smoke in your eye is the worst. I guess it says something about how healthy cigarettes are, if a little puff in your eye will almost make them bleed. But ehhh, they're delicious

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