ash cather as a rig?

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    so this is what I'm talking about using the above ash catcher/ mouth piece as a oil rig. I've used the setup a couple of times before but with flower it gets to dame disgusting to hit it after a while. although I use the ash catcher on my bong, I don't commonly use the mouth piece attachment.
    I've recently got connected with a bubble hash source. and am wanting to give this dab thing a go. instead of dabbing the hash onto the cherry method. so since I have the mouth piece I may as well use it right.
    so what are your guy's opinions on a setup like this? I have been reading that small= flavour and less diffusion= more taste. and what exactly am I looking for on a TI male nail? I've been looking but all the "universial fit" nails I've seen don't look like they work even thought they say they do. and above all do you think the AC is thick enough to handle the TI nail without an adapter or spacer?

  2. something like this exactly?
  3. Better make sure the bube hash is even quality enough to dab. You need extremly high grade icewater bubble hash to get dabable product
  4. That's a pretty cool idea, I like it.
  5. If you got a ti nail you would probably be safe without an adapter, but honestly man I would a 14mm buffer and a 14 mm ceramic nail versus the titanium. And you can run butane and propane through a ceramic nail versus only butane with a titanium. Feel free to ask me more.

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    It is pretty quality stuff. but if it doesn't work out I will try melting it/ doing the rosin melt process. to get it into more of a liquid. then my dealer also has oil too so if it doesn't work out I will go that route.
    also did some looking and ended up going with a TI nail for it. when I get it in I will post up a pic. I'm guessing the fins dissipate heat like a heat sink so I guess it couldn't get too hot. either way if it breaks the ac I'm not all to worried since I hate it. just out of proportion enough that it sucks water through unless you baby it
  7. Hook a nail straight to the tube part and do dry dabs!;) haha. Might need to use a drop down just so it wont crack first go

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  8. Something about dry dabs just sounds like throat torcher.

    Got the nail in... Just have to get it photo ready

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