Ash catchers

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  1. I'm using an illadelph disc a/c. Must say loovveeee it!! In a straight though. In a beaker drag city. I use a name brand inline for that. Also the bottle type are always a great choice. What's your a/c setup?
  2. i have a flo showerhead ac and a honeycomb ac. the honeycomb is actually being repaired right now. 
  3. What happened to it?
  4. my homie dropped his iphone on the joint -,- 
  5. This is my bong, too bad I cracked the bottom but getting fixxed

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1413815937.420009.jpg
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  7. theres no ashcatcher there... 
  8. sorry, pal, misread it. <3
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    np man, if you havnt been welcome yet, welcome to the city. you're a blade now  :hello:  :gc_rocks:
  10. thxx, Pal.  :D

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