ash catchers... wtf?

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  1. Im having a hard time understanding why all the ashcatchers I've ever seen in person don't have a hole to clear the smoke? The ashcatchers with detachable bowls solve the problem but most other ash catchers trap smoke where it gets stale... All my friends and I like the idea of a ash catcher and its not like we will refuse to use one or anything but we have all questioned why they trap smoke. Am I weird or does this annoy anyone else? If anybody can give me an explanation i would really appreciate it.
  2. There so you can take em off and clear the bong faster
  3. They dont have a carb because the amount of smoke they hold is negligible.

    The reason the larger a/cs have the option of pulling the slide is because they hold a decent amount of good smoke.

    So either buy a GonG slide a/c and clear the whole thing, or buy a little bowl a/c and dont worry about the tiny bit of smoke lingering.

  4. if the ashcatcher had a shotgun that'd be just one more thing to have to hold while taking a rip...too much work

  5. Also this...


  6. That a very good point. However, i still don't think the trapped smoke should be ignored... I mean, I think it can get gross as hell. I can choke it down but it messes up a bong rip sometimes.

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