Ash catchers, are they worth it?

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  1. Just got a nice new rig but debating on whether or not I should add on an ash catcher. What are everyones feelings on ash catchers? Worth it to add one or no?

    Tough to see but theres a honeycomb perc at the bottom too.

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    They definatly are worth it, help keeps your glass cleaner. But i dont think your bong could gold one without tiping over
  3. You cant really tell by looking at the picture but its definitely at least 5mm think glass and its got some weight to it so I know it can hold one. Im thinking of geting a honeycomb ash catcher. Any thoughts?

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  4. I have a double honeycomb perc bong recently bought and I'm debating this as well.. Would it be better if I got an ash catcher? ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392950669.721719.jpg
  5. It might tip over, but it's worth it. Keeps your glass so much cleaner! You can pull every hit through and it just collects in the ash catcher.

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    I was never a fan of all that stuff.  I just clean my flower tubes every night that I use em. Adding an ashcatcher is just an additional thing I have to wash and carbon filters remove too much of the taste.  If you just clean your piece regularly you'll have delicious hits all the time.  Do you just put tonights dinner on top of last nights dinner plate without cleaning it?
    Grunge off makes this way easier.
  8. Cleaning bong after every session ? Not that serious simple water change is fine right after seesh is done

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  9. Exactly, change the water and get an ash catcher and it will stay clean for a long time

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    I was debating just like you were. I just got this double honeycomb but it's kinda thin... But I went out and found a deal on an awesome ash catcher locally for 60 that reverse honeycomb and I'm in love!! Get an quality ash catcher and you'll be happy

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    I can still taste the stale resin, if you have grunge off it's easy.  Pretty much after about 3-4 hits, I don't like the taste anymore, I'm not crazy enough to clean it after every 3-4 hits but you can't tell me that even the 2nd hit tastes anywhere near as good as the first one out of a clean tube.
    Before I go to bed, dump out water, rinse 2 times, dump in grunge off...go to sleep, wake up, rinse it out a few times...DONE.  It's like 5 minutes of actual work.  When I used to use iso and salt I might wash once a week and I hated it.
    I like to trade and sell glass pipes and if you don't take care of them and clean them, the resale drops.
    My glass pretty much stays looking like this most of the time:
  12. Those are fucking awesome

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    Ugh I'm serious jealous as fuck of your glass collection, and if I remember from another thread maybe a pillar thread you dabble in those too lol. Fucking awesome pieces man, one day I'll join ya! Gonna remember that grunge off, picking up my first serious glass piece (other than my HVY glass 21" tube) in a Dirty Rico Apocoline bubbler and I wanna keep it looking brand new at all times. My HVY tube has an ashcatcher and I rinse and wash every couple days but up in the second chamber some brown stains got on the glass and won't come off cause I can't get enough pressure in there :( gonna go grab some of this stuff and try it.


    OP in my opinion they are worth every penny. I'd never suggest going nuts and doing like a triple honeycomb ac as it quickly goes from awesome to too much drag quickly. I get my ash catchers at a LHS here that has a local blower make them. Never get any ash or plant material in my piece but it'll still get brown from the smoke so it's not going to eliminate the need for cleaning. This is what my ash catcher looks like, it's like 6 small individual tubes fused and slitted along with a 4 hole "screen" up top...$45 :)

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    I don't mean to steal this guys thread, but I am going to get a mini beaker (preferably Eric Ross) and was wondering if it will be able hold a small ash catcher?
  15. That double honeycomb looks nice man!

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  16. That torus has been sold it's just I don't have a good camera and that picture just turned out better than most of mine.  That DR apocolines look nice, that perc is pretty sick looking.  I had a natty neck hollowfoot pillar for awhile....I drove 2 hours to MD to get it haha.  I was calling shops left and right to find someone who had some sov.  I sold it when I bought the straight neck I have now, I was fortunate to scoop that.  
    I'll probably end up selling about half my stuff eventually. Maybe keep 2 flower tubes and 2-3 serious rigs.
    To clean you should get glass stoppers if you're using grunge off, you have to let it soak.
  17. **UPDATE** So far I have no added an asher catcher. I just clean it once a day with formula 420 cleaner and that keeps it looking fresh as fuck. My opinion on ash catchers at the moment is... fuck it. 
  18. That looks like an amazing flower piece, but I thought with dabs you want less diffusion.
    Thanks bros. I actually just broke the damn ashcatcher a couple days ago, but i snapped the joint off pretty much. I think it's fixable by a blower! lets hope. I think the honeycombs dont take away too much, in my opinion but i use it for flower and dabs! flower is pretty smooth
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    def get an ash catcher... makes ur hit smoother so you can take a fatter rip, catches all the resiny bull shit so you don't have to clean your bong literally every day, makes your bong look nicer, adds value to your piece....
    edit: and btw, i go through a big thing of salt, and a whole bottle of iso in 3-4 weeks with no ash catcher. with an ash catcher, it will last easily a year if not longer

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