Ash catcher problem

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    Here is a pic of my of roor, just got this new ash catcher and as you can see the bottom of the ash catcher is hitting the beaker and doesn't sit flush in the down stem, not a good seal and cant get a good rip...any suggestions or i am just going to have to find a new ash catcher.

  2. What's the problem though?
  3. I don't get what you're asking?
  4. Nice piece though :D
  5. Oh I see now, it seems like you might just have to buy a new one or turn it if possible :(
  6. sorry was attempting to get the picture up with out having for you guys to click...but pretty much the roor i have is 18mm and the ash catcher is a 14mm, So I used a new down stem and useing that it hits on the side
  7. I think you can buy adapters that makes. 14mm into a 18mm. I think this site sells them or you LHS should. Or you may just not be able to use it.
  8. The problem is you seem to have purchased a 90 degree joint ashcatcher when you needed a 45....

    That is all.
  9. Yeah i got that adapter and that is the problem, here is apic of the original roor DS and the adapter



  10. awesome thanks! i guess i didnt think about that when i was in the headshop

    "Bob" is the new one i was having issues with


  11. Yeah, you'll want an ashcatcher that allows the bowl to sit parallel to the ground in order to allow all the percs to fire properly. Having a 90degree in a 45degrees place will throw off water levels, and as a result likely not percolate well at all.

  12. Yeah, it hit like total crap :(


    ^ just b/c im being a pic whore right now :smoke:

  13. thanks man :smoke:
  14. Glad I could Help.
    None the less, Nice Piece. I actually want that same ashcatcher... But like you I have a beaker.

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