Ash catcher/pre-cooler on a steam roller?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by Chevyboy, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I always thought it would be cool to have a water element on a steam roller,has anyone done this, or is it even possible?
  2. Eliminates point of steamroller, really.
  3. I've seen it once on a big GonG steamroller in a LHS, they had a a/c on it.

  4. And that is?

    A steam roller with a water attachment would be so dope! You would have to get a custom piece made though
  5. A quick, harsh hit lol

    EDIT: custom piece? just use an a/c with a 90 degree ground joint

  6. But where would that 90 degree joint go?

    You would need someone to make a female joint on the end where the bowl would normally go, unless the joint fits snug and airtight in the bowl (which I doubt)

  7. What are you talking about dude? A normal ashcatcher with a 90 degree joint would fit most GonG steamrollers.....turn it so it hangs over one side of the main tube of the steamroller.....

  8. You like harsh hits?
  9. ive seen a picture of a steam roller bubbler before
  10. A steam roller is just a waterless horizontal bong... And now you wanna add water to it... Smh
  11. i never really understood what the deal was with steam rollers, even though i have a mini one and enjoy it, i dont think i could enjoy those waterless bong looking ones.
  12. As another poster mentioned a steamroller is essentially a bong without water, and you want to add water to it..... IMO kind of pointless.
    It would be easy to add one, but if you want the same effect get a straight tube bong.

  13. No, which is why I hate steamrollers.
  14. So..... a gong steamroller is really just a jhook.
  15. I think if you have a regular steam roller(not like the roor gong steamrollers) that is glass on glass a ashcatcher would be a good idea but it would have to be one of those ashcatchers you remove after you fill the tube.
  16. Who the fuck uses a steam roller.


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