Ash catcher or Carbon filter? need suggestions.

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    Ok so recently i purchased a 12" medicali bong with a 10 arm tree perc and i was thinking of getting an ash catcher or carbon filter to help keep the glass clean, would it add to much drag to my piece? here is a pic, im just trying to get the GC community suggestions on what i should get, thanks. [​IMG]
  2. carbon filter
  3. do you have a specific one that you would recommend?
  4. I like the roor one a lot. If I got another it might be the Mcfinn one but it's a little long. SSFG has one too.

  5. i got one blown by someone in oregon for 25 bucks with carbon. does the trick. mcfinn is nice but pricey and no carbon. try i offer . com
  6. ok, could you give me the name of the guy to look up?
  7. Get both
  8. Do you like smoking or are you in it for ultimate smoothness?

    The carbon filter changes the smoke and the ash catcher doesn't.
  9. Yeah dude/dudette.. If you like your herbs, imo, go with just the ash-catcher... If you don't want to feel like you inhaled anything at all, carbon filter is the way to go.

    Go to *******************.com and check out their selection..
  10. Carbon filter for sure
  11. i like my herb so maybe an ash catcher is the way to go, the only reason i was considering a carbon filter was because someone told me it would help keep my glass a lot cleaner.
  12. The carbon filter still keeps a very nice taste, just a different one than you will be used to, and it'll keep your piece pretty much 100% clean

  13. Do this, keeps everything clean for days/weeks
  14. Yeah I got a filter made by the same dude in Oregon. Good quality. I just fuckd up and dropped mine, haven't got another yet, I definitely
    miss it.
  15. Both. Ash catchers are fun and add more diffusion/volume for smoke, but they take the brunt of the grime. You can mix and match if you have both. I have mostly scientific glass so I'm obsessed with keeping it clean. I have a carbon adapter from apix on the way in the mail.
  16. heard a lot of good things about apix, how much did you pay for it?
  17. I was in this same boat and I went with an ash catcher. It still keeps the glass clean for a pretty long period of time and you don't have to worry about changing out the carbon. Just clean, refill with ice-cold water, and rip away.
  18. Well I got a slide and stuff too. He said they were roughly 35 shipped before he made this one.
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    May I suggest a mc finns standard carbon/cotton adapter? when using cotton it won't add resistance like carbon yet still keep it clean, will run 50$+ though:)
    use just enough cotton to keep ash from getting through
  20. I'm pretty sure most carbon adaptors would allow cotton to be used.

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