Ash catcher is flooding bowl

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  1. no matter how much or how little water i put in my ash catcher it floods the bowl.
    this is what it looks like:

    does anyone one have suggestions to prevent flooding?
  2. Picture not showing!
  3. Even if you put as little as possible?

    Need pics but sounds like a poorly designed AC IMO.

    Milk or clear the piece slower perhaps? Or you may just have to pull the AC to clear your tube instead of the bowl. Or get a slide that has a decent amount of length between the joint and the actual bowl.
  4. here are my pictures:
  5. Im sorry, I have no clue how you can be pulling air DOWN the A/c

    And actually have water move UP the stem.

    I really dont know lol.

    Unless you mean, the water falls into the beaker.
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    I think it's because you are using a 90 degree ashcatcher on a 45 degree piece. It's not sitting properly. Either get a new a/c or an angled adapter. It's so small... it may require the 90 degree angle. Test it maybe by tilting your main piece back so the a/c is sitting flush to the ground. See if you still have the prob.
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    It is a poorly designed ash-catcher. When you release the suction you make taking a hit, the water in the bong shoots up the downstem to fill the space since you're done your hit, the water returns to normal position and that creates pressure in the A/C which can cause the water to shoot up into the bowl.

    Really, the only way to fix it is to get a new ashcatcher if lowering the water doesn't work..
  8. I dunno if thats 90 degrees.

    its a cheap A/C so its probably between 45 and 90 due to poor craftsmanship
  9. I see what you're sayin..... It's definitely not angled properly.... the downstem should either be angled to the male fitting or paralell to the piece.... it's not either in any sitting position.
  10. So I did some experimenting. Here's what I found out. It doesn't seem to be the a/c fault. I tried emptying some water from the main chamber of the bong, and that seemed to help. So I just kept pouring water out if the main chamber until the a/c stopped flooding!
  11. This is what the guy above meant by the water going back up the downstem causing pressure to go back up the A/C.

    When you take a hit there is no water in the downstem itself, but when you hit stops the water level in the downstem returns to the water level in the main chamber of the bong. Obviously if water fills the downstem air has to be pushed back toward the A/C, and if it's a lot of air it'll push the water level in the A/C down. If the water level in the A/C goes down then it had to go up the stem of the A/C.

    This is a common mistake.


    Jesus christ, so thats what was happening. I really was at a loss on what was going on
  13. It' the pressure differentiation... Put your mouth to the bong then put the bowl on and no water will touch your bud.
  14. try having less water in the perc/bong, or like helpdesk mentioned, put your mouth their to hold pressure, or just remember to take the ash catcher out with each hit so it doesn't blow back
  15. I have a bong with the same design. The ash-catcher floods for me too, but i've learned that this only happens when i add water to the top chamber (Right below the ice holder). Adding water to the main chamber and the ash-catcher shouldn't be a problem.
  16. Remove bowl while you are still hitting it ....

  17. I think its a fixed bowl. But if your referring to the whole AC That might work but i believe its the AC itself. I had an AC that would always carry all the water over once.
  18. Its easy, just remove AC before you stop hitting it. That's like 5th grade science lmao
  19. after you pull the a/c out to hit, then keep it out until you take your mouth completely off

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