Ash Catcher For SG Stemline

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  1. I ordered a straight tube sg stemline with ice pinch the other day, supposed to be here tomorrow.

    I want to have something to stop ash but i personally hate metal screens. Of all the videos ive seen of ash catchers on the stemlines not one allowed bubble stacking.

    ive never used a carbon filter attachment but ive heard they cause alot of extra drag.

    Whats my best option?
  2. Stacking means nothing, a/cs just add more area. I love my toro circ + stemline combo. I use a carbon filter to keep the ash out of my bong.
  3. what he said about stacking^
    i would get a circ ac, id reccomend like SGW, toro, bc 2010, or vertigo
  4. Yeah circ ac's with stemline's are the hot setup. Makes it feel like a whole new tube.
  5. I personally would go with a carbon filter, cheaper and also very effective.
  6. I use a carbon filter and toro circ. Amazing.

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