ash as a potassium supplement?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by redrider54, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. ive read and heard that ash is high in potassium

    I had a couple questions for those who may know.

    Does it do better as a added nutrient during the grow period
    or more of something you would throw into a compost?

    If you could use it while growing how would you go about that, add some in water? sprinkle ontop of the plant soil?

    any knowledge on it would be appreciated.

  2. Regular old fireplace ashes do contain potassium, but they may also contain toxic elements that could harm the plant. If you are hellbent on using ashes, mix them into your water instead of sprinkling on top.
  3. Thanks! +rep

    I am not hellbent on it at all, just interested. Maybe
    its something more suited for a compost pile?

    I would also, if you were to do this, def not
    want to use ash from treated wood which I would think
    would contain alot of those toxic elements.

    any other thoughts?

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