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    I was sitting in study earlier doing my usual reading of random texts and generally pondering the idea of enlightenment as a human being. My queries lead me to skimming through some sessions from The Law of One. It generally refers to enlightened entities existing in higher densities(dimensions/realities/planes/etc) that attempt to guide the human race towards becoming enlightened and ascending beyond our current density. According to these sessions we, as human beings, currently exist in 3rd density and the collective unconscious of the human race is slowly beginning its shift into the 4th density (ascending towards enlightenment). It also refers to certain individuals who exist on Earth who, either actively or subconsciously, are aiding us into ascending. These people are called Wanderers, and it is estimated by these texts that there are roughly sixty-three-million Wanderers on Earth right now.​
    Obviously this is pretty far out stuff, so I take all of this information with a large helping of salt; but it makes one wonder. In our journey through our physical life we must consider all perspectives that are presented to us. I find these writings incredibly intriguing, and I find it infinitely more interesting these beliefs seem to align quite nicely with Buddhist beliefs about reincarnation.
    I'm curious as to what you all believe about this. Do you believe in more enlightened nonphysical beings? Do you think our spirits are part of a much larger journey than our simple 3-dimensional humanity? Is it possible for the human race to collectively shift into a higher mindset thus bringing us closer to the true purpose of our journey? Could a consciousness even survive such a journey? ​
    Density info:​
    Density/Dimension Scale
    as described in the book "Prism of Lyra" by Lyssa Royal.
    7th Density
    Awareness as the multidimensional experience, group-matrix identity, (social memory complex). This is the frequency of total oneness or integration and vibrations at this frequency are merged in identity and become a mass-conscious whole. They magnetize those in other frequencies and provide the current for the natural flow toward integration. Once the seventh density beings reach critical mass, they will progress thru the Prism of Lyra (from our point of view it will then be a black hole exit point) and reach the next octave where another adventure awaits.
    6th Density
    Awareness as the dimension itself. This has often been called the "Christ Consciousness" in that it displays a frequency level equal to that of the the Christ or Buddha. >From this frequency a total remembrance occurs, and the one begins taking responsibility for the Whole rather then the Self. The process of progressing the Self and progressing the Whole becomes one and the same.
    5th Density
    Experiental awareness of "I" as a group identity, not bound by linear time. In this density sentient consciousness begins to awaken to its heritage. this is the density of wisdom. As one awakens the wisdom within, they very often want to share it with those who are still focused in the lower densities. many from this realm choose to become guides for others. A 5th density being merges with its family of consciousness ("oversoul" or "higher self" if you will) and begins to remember. This is the first density in which a nonphysical orientation is experienced. Note: there is no clear-cut distinction when transiting from 5th to 7th densities. Because these densities are not physically oriented, there is much blending in these transitions.
    4th Density
    Containment of volumetric awareness, superconsciousness, reintegration of group identity without loss of ego identity; as vibration increases, perception of past, present, and future become more fluid along with the ability to interface with multidimensional and multidensity realities, negatively oriented consciousness becomes more difficult to maintain. Presently on Earth, 4th density reality is overlapping third. In humanity's case, this can account for the increased desire for unity, peace and unconditional love as opposed to the illusion of separation that characterizes third density. The vibrationary rate of one's reality is stepped up, and therefore one may be faced with personal issues in a much more rapid and intense way.
    3rd Density
    Volumetric awareness, ego, loss of group identity, development of individual identity, ability to remember past and cognize the future while retaining present awareness. This is the density where human beings emerge. It is a vibration that creates the illusion of separation and thus a challenge toward awakening. Presently humanity is going thru a transition period into 4th dnesity reality which can account for the many rapid changes the human race is undergoing. This is the frequency that expresses the most separation from the Whole. It is from here that many lessons about integration are learned. This is the most intense of all levels in its cultivation of growth with the Self. Cetaceans (dolphins and whales) presently exist simultaneously in 3rd and 4th densities and are transiting out of 3rd along with humanity.
    2nd Density
    Awareness as a line, biological matter, development of species identity. The consciousness expressed by 2nd density vibration does not possess self-awareness (or ego). Most species within the plant and animal kingdoms exist here, however their placement in density depends upon many additional factors, including the presence of absence of ego.
    1st Density
    Awareness as a point, physical matter. This frequency level is the most basic. It provides the matter and energy for the creation of atoms and molecules. The basic life forms of mineral and water, for example, are all operating from 1st density. Humans possess this frequency within themselves as well. It makes up the basic genetic codes.
    Density: Density denotes a vibrational frequency and not a location, which the term "dimension" implies. The density structure of this reality is primarily expressed in seven levels, though each level has sub-levels within it. The density scale is a model used to communicate one's perception of orientation in relation to other realities.
    Dimension: Dimension refers to one's location in space/time rather then a person's vibrational frequency (density). Webster defines "dimension" as "Magnitude measured in a particular direction, specifically length, breadth, thickness or time." There are an infinite number of dimensions existing with a given density or vibrational frequency.
    Frequency: Matter is vibrating energy. Different vibrationary rates denote the properties. Frequency is the rate at which molecules or consciousness vibrate.
    Prism of Lyra: A prism is a transparent body with a triangular base used to polarize or decompose light or energy into its spectrum. The prism of Lyra is the archetypal idea of the entrance of consciousness into this reality. For Earth's galactic family the entrance point exists within the Lyran system. As consciousness/energy emerged, it fragmented into seven density frequencies, much as a prism would fragment light in seven colors.

  2. Luciferian doctrine is bad for your health.
  3. [SIZE=14.3999996185303px]Also, this stuff is [/SIZE]not [SIZE=14.3999996185303px]reconcilable with Buddhism; seeing as Buddhist clearly deny a creator, while the 'Law of One' can't stop speaking of the "ONE INFINITE CREATOR".[/SIZE]
  4. [SIZE=14.3999996185303px]Also, according to the 'Law of One', there are [/SIZE]8[SIZE=14.3999996185303px] densities, while the link you share says that Buddhists aver a supposed [/SIZE]10[SIZE=14.3999996185303px] dimensions.[/SIZE]
  5. ???
    I was only making a loose comparison in respect to transitioning into higher dimensions.
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    This reminds me of something I did read a while ago about psychedelic experiences and different levels.
    Cannabis can achieve up to level 3 psychedelic experiences with very large doses, but there are 5 different levels. The 5th is achieved by certain unmentionables (just Google any of this because there's a lot I can't say in this forum)
    [Experiences include total loss of visual connection with reality, the sense of not being human or having a body, and the feeling of being in many places at the same time. The loss of reality is so extreme that it becomes ineffable. People have been reported seeing themselves in entirely different settings than their original setting, and many people experience the feeling of being in a simulated reality. Religious phenomenon is reported at this level; often mentioned is a connection to an "all-knowing presence" or a "universal knowledge", which many equate with extra-terrestrials, artificial intelligence, God, love, or "enlightenment"] - From Wikipedia lol

    I believe that the entire universe, like everything everything like beyond comprehension everything is like the ultimate supreme divine enlightened being which we are all a part of and which our highly evolved consciousness can access.
    All of our consciousness is part of the whole, but our individuality comes from unique perspectives shaped by our ego. We are all really one united energy that is the universe (we = everything including like ants and bacteria etc.) that transcends all physical and non-physical dimensions.
    Of course, this is just my opinion, but it makes a lot of sense to me and I don't know if I'm allowed to say this but I have had experience with strong unmentionables and there is a grand sense of the universe I feel which I cannot explain in words.
  7. In reference to the post above, if we were to break psychedelic states into 5 levels, I would definitely not say that cannabis could get you to the third level...
  8. I agree. Op also mentions Buddhist reincarnation which is another thing Buddhists deny. Buddhist accept rebirth not reincarnation. Some sects have adopted reincarnation but it conflicts with the Buddhist teachings of no permanent self /soul.
  9. I've never done it with cannabis but I have read that you can.
  10. From the OP...

    It generally refers to enlightened entities existing in higher densities(dimensions/realities/planes/etc) that attempt to guide the human race towards becoming enlightened and ascending beyond our current density.
    If you are a patient person, try reading Supernatural, by Graham Hancock.  Follow that up with DMT: The Spirit Molecule, by Dr. Rick Strassman.  Anthropology, archeology, science.  Clinical lab experiments and stuff...
    To me, these two books compiled are a more accurate definition of what "God" is/was before the idea was convoluted by "modern day" religious ideology, and what is commonly and currently referred to as "mythology".
    I've seen the documentary multiple times and done my own research on Dimethyltryptamine, it's very very interesting stuff. I've not read the book or Supernatural, however. Duly noted, I'm going to make a trip to the library tomorrow.
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    I have a feeling the text is quite optimistic, and in reality each density is a test.

    I would compare density transition to changing direction in the matrix of decisions in time we make and their impacts from the collective unconscious upon the material realm.

    Decisions are based on information and ascension requires vision to perceive challenge and reach for it. The information, it's relevance and completeness, determine whether the true challenge is grasped.

    If the true challenge is grasped by enough beings of a species, in the collective conscious as an act of ascension, the recognition of it from the others of the species, not actively involved with ascension, causes the mass to ascend.

    It seems it is a complex function of the hundredth monkey effect working between sleep states and walking states over time contributing to the relative evolution of the collective unconscious. It is not a certain process.

    When it does not occur, improper decisions are made by the masses of the collective conscious and extinction cycles the species through the vastness of the oneness to redistribute the best intents into another effort at living evolution.

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