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Ascending doses

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chaos4, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. This is from the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database on Cannabis (registration and fee required).

    "INHALATION: People typically use 1 to 3 grains (65 to 195 mg) of cannabis for smoking. Hashish, the plant resin, is smoked in a dose of up to 1 grain (16 to 65 mg). Potency may vary. The drug deteriorates rapidly, requiring ascending doses to produce its effect."

    What does "requiring ascending doses to produce its effect" mean? I know "ascend" means to go upward, so does this mean a toker has to constantly increase his dose to get high? I know tolerance can develop with Marijuana but is this what that quote refers to and if it does, what are the best ways to prevent oneself from getting TOO tolerant (I know some tolerance is inevitable).

    I apologise if this is covered elsewhere, it's just the particular NATURAL MEDICINES DATABASE phrasing that somewhat confuses me so I'm trying to seek clarification.
  2. I interpreted that as, after you smoke and come down like 2 hours later, it will take more to get that stoned if you choose to smoke later that day. Could be wrong :smoking:

  3. Your right .. That's basically just saying to keep the same effectiveness or buzz for all intents and purposes you need to smoke/vape/eat increasingly larger amounts of bud. Pretty simple concept really.. I usually smoke the same amount tho for the first few sessions of the day, then go out with a bang few hours before bed
  4. Just keep smoking larger and larger quantities. It works for me. :p

  5. Okay Mr. Moneybags ;)

  6. If you don't want your tolerance to go up don't smoke as much or as often. I have very low tolerance and smoke a few times a month

  7. I smoke almost every night, but it is only a half a bowl and it's not even a big bowl at that, my tolerance is pretty damn low :smoke:

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