Asbestos in grow room?

Discussion in 'General' started by Unknown, May 17, 2004.

  1. Alright guys, I've got a big question...

    I'm going to start growing plant, for use by my own individual, and the only place i could grow it without the smell being smelt (giggle giggle) or the light being seen from outside is of attic.

    So, i have asbestos in my attic, where im gonna grow...and unless someone moves it around...its not really airborne...

    Asbestos is a type of insulator...keeps the heat or cool in your fiberglass. AND asbestos is no longer used because it causes melothesioma...a malignant cancer of the lungs. And seeing as this shit will be around the shit im growing to a bit hesitant

    But yes...any objections, or comments?
  2. Nope grow on. it should be fine, it is only bad when you inhale it for an extended period of time, people that used to build with it get their lung problems after many years of working. Unless your plants grow lungs and decide to breath it, it wont matter, just make sure that none of it gets on the plants because it would suck to smoke it.

    The siding of my house is made out of it and i am perfectly fine....errr....i think.
  3. Could you cover it in plastic or something? I wouldnt want to even risk smoking it... but I guess bud with asbestos on it is better than no bud at all....
  4. reply to the dude with the avatar of a monkey smokin a blunt...i cant cover it with plastic...asbestos covers the ENTIRE grow room floor...i put down plywood to keep it out of the pot (you know, the thing you grow the pot IN, lol) and i hope thats good enough
  5. Hey dude, thats no monkey... thats a picture my friend took of me... now my feelings are hurt.
  6. LOL

    just do not let it touch the pot (the kind yout harvest and smoke...)
  7. hahaha....Monkey boy.. MONKEY BOY.... hahaha...and i bet your hairy everywhere EXCEPT on your balls too eh? hahahaha....

    My apologies...had some you know how it goes hoe
  8. Nope dude, balls are hairy too. do you like my bow tie?
  9. Wow...i really didnt want to know that, anyways..
  10. Well dude you called it out... I had to set ya straight...
  11. ^ahahaha

    I think your fine since you covered with with plywood...

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