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  2. Shout out my OGs, n I smoke that OG; Kush, mothafuck the police, all my ni**as rock gold teeth, so hood n we so street, sipping on on that codeine...

    I aint talkin bout no money I aint talkin bout no cars, talking bout no diamonds cause that shit is a fashad, times is really hard, i fucke da couple broads smoked that purple out the jar lemma tell u who we rrrrrrrrr

    I grew up on the East Coast, but im a true Cali person.

    [ame=]Clams Casino - Wassup [ASAP Rocky] - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Man I've had this shit bumping in my whip for about two-three months (Old mixtape)

    and to poster who was talking about Blvck Scvle, I can't wait for the collab :D
  4. love this song. his flow is too nice

    [ame=]ASAP Rocky #01 Palace (prod. Clams Casino) LIVELOVEA - YouTube[/ame]
  5. That whole mixtape is insane. Blasting it all day.

    [ame=]ASAP Rocky - Bass (Prod. by Clams Casino) - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Besides Cyrano of the Cataracs, Traxamillion, C-LoZ (local Bay Area producer for Roach Gigz. Cyrano of the Cataracs is hands down the most under-rated. Clams casino is in my top 5 for sure. Cyrano from Cata #1.
  7. The thing with Rocky, he is a REAL dude. Watch his Fader Interview on YouTube, he brings all his homies that he grew up with in Harlem. He even says in his lyrics about he gotta feed all his homies. He is SUCH a humble dude, & I feel like if he did this shit by himself with a smaller possy he could be bigger because my favorite tracks are #1/#2 tied is Wussup & Bass. I don't like the verses his homies throw on, besides School Boy Q. On Brand New Guys, rawest line EVER "Backpack fulla random work; with 2 bad hoes i TEACH YA HOW TO JERK, TEACH YA HOW TO JERK; Swaggin in my J's, pop me a pill throw that pussy a-rave

    Schoolboy Q down with Top Dawg Ent, with Kendrick Lamar. A.D.H.D is the realest video/lyrics I EVER heard. They get so fucked up too on unmentionables & are constantly blazin. Kendrick has that mainstream capabilities though, so he gotta start keeping it on the low about his drug use.


    [ame=]Asap Rocky ft. Schoolboy Q - Brand New Guy (LiveLoveAsap) (New Music December 2011) - YouTube[/ame]
  8. yerp

    [ame=]Main Attrakionz - Take 1 ft. ASAP Rocky (Prod. by Clams Casino) - YouTube[/ame]
  9. yep been listening to kid ink a lot too

  10. Goin to the store but I don't need liquor 'Fuck u want'?.....packa Swishaz

  11. you listened to kid inks newest mixtape?

  12. I completely agree. He's far and away the best artist of the crew, but it's nice to see he he's not gonna forget where he came from.

    And A.D.H.D. is one of my favorite tracks, all of Section.80 is really good. I didn't even notice that Kendrick quote in your signature haha.

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