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  1. Ive been listening to asap rocky's new album A.L.L.A and every song on it is amazing. Has any body else been listening to this. It sounds amazing. especially when I'm blazing.

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    You and about 1/2 the board mayne . [​IMG]
    "What a life this is, what a site this is. When the darks and the light skinned kids get along with the white persons. All alike when the lights get dim. In a rigtheous past.... where ya dont look back. Nigga spark your cig, nigga light yo hash, nigga light yo spliff. When you puff dont pass jus sip" 

  3. My favorite is Canal st, he kinda has a Three 6 Mafia sound in it. But I like all his other songs he has on that album too, especially when I'm blazed cruisin.
  4. Yea canal street is amazing. My favorite is excuse me and canal St. Asap rocky is the best while blazing for sure

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