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  1. 2 WORDS. MIGHTY PUTTY IS THE SHIET. OK MORE THANS 2 WORDS. ive saved my bong on more than one occasion with mighty putty due to my blazedness at the moment while cleaning it (dropped glass peices in ceramic sink). i intend to use this prodct to seal the leaks in the bucket to make it fully light proof (moderatly not TOO much excess putty) and again in my stealth cab for the same and other reasons. im not too worried about the usage on the cabinets but in the inside of the bucket with solution. are the acids and bases strong enough in the lucas formula to desolve away at the putty enough to cause a chemical imbalance? thats if i even use the putty inside the basket. even if i dont, id like to know just for future reference for myself and anyone whoever comes across using theputty for leaks. thanks in advance.
  2. Lol, I saw the Billy Mays commercial but never though of using it for a Cannabis Grow-op. A+ for creativity.

    I would imagine that the putty would be quite alkaline, obviously having a pH above the pH of hydro water and fertilizer. I wouldn't recommend having the putty come in contact with any material that supports the plants life and has to remain within a certain pH range. I don't know if you are familiar with Chemistry, but long story short acids and bases tend to react and neutralize each other.
  3. muchos gracias no mighty putty on the insides it seems. man i couldve made the whole grow op outta that stuff.
  4. Lol, Have you tested to see if it can be used to hold a ballast and bulb to a reflector and have it keep the reflector to the ceiling of a growbox?
  5. haha not yet i havent even gotten that far into it yet. im still trying to get EVERY little last bit of data before i start. but i do have a layout in my head on how its gonna look like and all the equipment im gonna use. went to hokme depot today to check out how much im gonna be spending and am ordering my seeds as soon as its monday. and cash in the mail???? that goes against everything my momma done told me. but i guess from what vyou guys say it works so why not. im gonna research with the putty definetly though. thanks for the input.
  6. lol this is hilarious cuz my friends broke the other day and we got some of this stuff and boom just like new
  7. this dosent have to do with anything about mighty putty but i was wondering something about LEDs. i looke through the website and saw that red and blue spectrums are the best way for plants. better than mh. so would i have to buyild some kinda crazy LED device or can i just get like.......20 LED keychains (1 blue per 2 red), tie them by the keychain and have it hanging down towards the plant?? if so i actually think its be cheaper than the mh bulbs and less hasle and less heat and less everything really. trying to make this pretty soon if it works out

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