As Mayor of the Altered State of Drugachussetts...

Discussion in 'General' started by RazorRy, Aug 26, 2002.

  1. "I declare this pizza to be........AWESOME!!!!!"
  3. That reminds me of Detroit Rock City, where the 3 dudes deliver a shroom-laden pizza to the head priest of some religious boarding school to sneak one of their friends out to go to a KISS concert...
    what's that from?
  4. well actually these lines are from a skit from a show that use to air on hbo called Mr. Show.......does anyone remember a show back in the 70's (for you older members) called like fluff and puff and stuff.....everything looked all fucked up and trippy and there were crazy characters that looked liked they smoked all the time (for more recent people everclear did a video featuring a few clips not to long ago)......well this mockery that mr show did was fuckin hilarious and really really funny to watch when your high......i recommend dling it if you can its episode 304 called "oh you men"......remember dont watch it sober ;)
  5. yeah thas it......did you know they made a theme park from sam and criminy croft (i have no idea what their real names are but it sounds very similar to that) where it had a ride and giant talkin was great too bad it lasted for like one year and i think they went bankrupt from that......but yeah if you ever heard of or seen i highly recommend dling that episode and checkin that skit out......its hilarious especially high

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