As Long As Youl Look Like That, You Will Always Have A Place To Sit

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  1. Ladies Good Morning. If I a guy offered you a seat(not a chair, think more creatively) would his face be a determining factor in the equation? Or it doesn't matter? Just curious
    Have I met this guy before?
    What is the nature of our existing relationship?

    If I just walked up to some rand-o and he offered me a "seat" his face would be the initial determining factor. 
  3. A seats a seat but sometimes people are more comfy standing
  4. Ya your face will do just fine. I got to take a shit. Dude first off you need a mustache. Then you have to be gorgeous. And finally you need women.
    The only time I saw chicks set on dudes faces was at a BIKER PARTY.
  5. Nah its a guy you just met you and fancy his aesthetics.
  6. So you're asking if a guy who I find physically attractive offers to fuck on the spot, whether I'll say yes or no?
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    Yes it matters attraction is key for most people.
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    A guy approaches you because he thinks you're cute, you think he's handsome. He just offers you an opportunity to eat it and then afterwards you both go your seperate ways.
  9. Not at this point in my life.
    Hypothetically speaking, yes.
  10. LMAO
    this is classy shit
    way to go OP!!!!
  11. Sitting on the magic stick?
  12. I would probably say no, regardless of what they look like. I'm too shy to take someone's seat...heh. >w<
    But if they were persistent about it I would probably say yes.
  13. I feel like I'm too big to be sitting on a guys face. Plus it doesn't feel good to me.
  14. I just re-read this and feel stupid now because I took it so literally, hahahahahahahah! But probably no still. :p
    How big we talkin' here?
  16. 300lbs
    You could def pull it off
  18. I'm strong, go ahead take a load off lol. I hate when girls say that, just try it out and see what happens.
  19. I was 171 this morning but I have hips and thighs and boobies so it's a nice 171.
    All humans have hips. thighs, and boobs though

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