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as i sit at my computer with no pants on

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by namron_420s, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. the telemagikal squealflute fillibuster jenkins in hand, the hempress flashing about on my screen, i sit and wonder...i sit in wonder.

    i swear i am on some kind of voyage this summer, shrooms are just around the corner, mass of new friends floating about, have found a comfortable range with alcohol, and i have smoke a massive amount of weed, with so many mind alterations, you are bound to learn something about yourself.

    i sit in wonder, i have taken three hits off of fillibuster, and i am comfortable and open, but then i discover there are many more to come, and revel in the fact that this rant shall truly be another one of a kind.

    i bounce in and out of the city, like the gypsy guy with the three dogs tied to his bike every sunday at the local gas station, im as unpredictable as a rabbit on crack, a plume of weedsmoke follows me everywhere i go, stoned comrades trail behind, basking in the sunshine, fellowship, and of course the plume of smoke that follows me everywhere, i smoke people out and dont think twice if they dont smoke me out, i love listening to people when they are high, when you are high, everything is fundamental, we are all the same, black, white, mexican, girl, boy, young, old, when the greatest common factor is marijuana, we are all human.

    when the gcf however is work, then i am a tired mother fucker. were bouncing around working in 4 different yards right now, and were not even finishing the jobs, the whole crew will go to a house, myself included, and then only finish 95% of the job, the other 5% is left for me, to finish the next morning before the crew arrives from the next city over.

    excalibong, at first i was intimidated, scared in fact, leary for all that is happy, this was a dark, montrous beast, littered with souls it has not yet taken, for only a true weedwarrior can yeild its glory, for it has not taken my soul, yet it has taken my memory a time or two. so, i yeild excalibong low, smoke it fast, and kick me in the head if it doesnt get me stoned as fuck
    slartibartfast, my best friends homemade bong, filled with glass marbles for cooling and smoke distribution, has inspired many a drooling and coughing fit

    i eagerly anticipate the day that i come into some kind buds, that name brand shit, from what i hear, either blueberry, or ak47, this will truly make me happy, i will smoke a bowl to myself and chill with yall
  2. Are you telling me that you were talking to me with no pants on?! And I wasn't informed?! :p
  3. i didnt have a boner or anything..just no pants...i just got out of bed and im the only one home, so i decided, what the hell...put a shirt on, sat down, packed a bowl, and started talkin

  4. LOL...I'm not mad..I thought it was funny...

    Don't you ever wonder what the person you're talking to is wearing sometimes? They could be completely naked and you would never know ;)
  5. im not completely naked...i just dont have any pants on...i think of everybody here as naked, and stoned...all the time..at work, dirtyd often gets a nail in his penis or something, on a roof cuz he dropped his joint, or smokinokie, doin all that stuff he does, whenever he does it, years gone, or years to come, whenever, naked, and stoned, getting icewater thrown on him for winning a game or something, and not expecting it cuz he just smoked out in the locker room.
  6. and definately sensi, because naked, hot, real life lesbians are hard to come by these days, i mean really..whens the last time you seen a hot lesbian, besides some porn star chic??
  7. rofl..

    Sensi you are a rare and beautiful breed, and you smoke weed and drink constantly. I love you. lol ;)

    and pantsless namron, your bong names are genious.

    telemagikal, that is just awsome ;)

    and thx for helpin me name timebender bob..lol
  8. well..when i began this rant, i had no idea youd be stretching your cock with no spaces..but hey, whatever the hell works, its my rant...ahh, the old days..:D
  9. hike up your skirt a little more and show your world to me
  10. im impressed dirty d..
    im impressed

    im stonned as fuck too
  11. i did make sensi blush, didnt i?
  12. WOOHOO! ...

    no seriosly...

    i mean it...

    WOOO - HOOO!

    i dont think you believe me...


    you're still not getting it are you....

    i really mean it....

    for real




    you still dont really get it...

    i really really totally completely and utterly absolutely possitively mean...


    to the fullest possable extent.



    I'm properly sssssssstoned for the first time in months AND this is the first thing i read upon returning in such a glorious state to this place of stoner marvel.

    Norm.... Ye of both thine preisthood and thy nighthood, ye of both the beaver licking and thy excalibong, ye, keeper of telemagikal squealflute fillibuster jenkins, thou hath suprassed all expectations and performed beyond the call of duty as fellow stoner... i dub thee, king! of Grassity...


    or does the pollmaster not yeild such executive powers? ... well, its the sentiment that counts...

    could we make this thread a sticky in the introductions section?

    it should be compulsory reading for all newcomers. :D

    that was great.

    i'm stoned
    ..its nothing good.. just enough for a few bowls of crappy hash.... but its got me stoned. :D
  13. wow......lol
  14. i accept the mad props digit, im just stoned enough to accept.
  15. i was doing that in the style of michel palin... and when u get that monty flow it just kinda .. go .... . .. .. . .. ... . . .. . . .. .. ... . . .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. . ..... ... .. .. ....... ... ... . . .. .. .. .... . .of on one.

  16. well..now i have pants on, and no shirt

    what irony.
  17. tux's were clearly invented by women.

  18. hahahahah LMAO

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