AS i know theres some vw fans on here.

Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, May 5, 2004.

  1. (this is general stuff lol)
    My camper upsets resntley.

    First off, my lovely air-cooled engine tried to eat its heater tube(lol) so i had to replace one so did both for good mesure.

    secondy, turns out at speed, my roof rack gets draged back taking half the paint off the gutter over the offside door :(

    and the third and most frustrating one, i baught new door card as my opld ones are rotted, and cut the speaker holes to low meaning i couldnt fit the speaker in, so didnt bother, but

    I re0wired the speakers so they now work, in the old door cards tho. sounds awesome i there, and outside it, good for bbq partys.

    striping out the interior this week, as i got a RnR bed to fit and replacing the heavy real wood inteior with light weight stuff.

    and also, replacoing the cab seats(as there worn out and not orignal) wiht orinagl seats.

    other things include, a oil temp gauge so i can see how hot im running and a louvre window(slated) for freah air. and new strusts to the roof will hold itself up.

    But cant go all out as i have to save up to get it all welded up inside while the interiors out. so its half the full resto job. done and will take alot of the price when i get it all done next year when i take it off the road for the rest of the resto, inc paint, graffics, and lowering it. and maybe a bigger engine but i dunno, 'ill at least refurb this one and fit some sparts parts to improve performance a little bit.

    still much fun :D
  2. Sorry to see your having trouble with the VW. But hey, thats VW's for ya. I know I've had plenty of issues with mine.

    And DoK, it's nice to see ya back on the boards. I was just wondering where you've been all this time. :smoking:
  3. either of ya on the 'tex?

    my name there is uh Misfit
  4. I love my 67 bug. Had it for years. Put in a new engine a few years ago in a couple of hours.
  5. I love old VW's. One of my friends who owns an old superbeetle convertible told me there's a website out there somewhere for old beetle convertible owners to hate on new beetle convertible owners. That's just funny.

    Old vee dubs can be quirky but they're a lot of fun. Sorry to hear you're having troubles with yours.
  6. its all a curve of restoration

    i just picked out my new pop-top canvas and wheels :D

    turns out i have one of the rarest pop-top meaning my strusts cost £115, each as far as im awear :(

    its ages off, but as i can only afford to do it up slowly, i buy parts when i can afford them as oposed to when i can fit them.

    so yes, my garage is full of bits, opening window, new bed, ect lol

    i even got my final ideas for the graffics im gonna get done for her. spare no expense on the outside and going completely budget inside and out of veiw. it shud look like it cost twice as much ;)

    good to see u guys too by the way
  7. my mk2 is doing good, misfit the new bumper is on, valves are gonna get done soon. and either a header or new downpipe next...

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