as i begin to educate myself on growing.. i realize you gotta be smart

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by unicorn porn, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. i honestly don't know if i'm bright enough to grow weed. the intricacies are amazingly tough to deal with. i'm going to read everything i can on growing weed on my kindle. i've done so little gardening and know so little about plants.. i know about veg/nute cycles/flower/etc... it's just tough not knowing any growers in real life. how many times did you guys fail before you had success?

    i'm ordering a tent today.. i'll wait to order the seeds..
  2. Hey now don't feel so down OP

    Look there. That is a big word!

    Just capitalize the first letters of the words in your sentences.

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  3. check out my first journal, i succeded on my first attempt by not cutting corners and paying attention to people here.
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  4. You'll be Okay UP! It's the best way to do it, besides hands on if you are reading and researching! Good Luck with your Grow there's people on here to help you!

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  5. so, i'm buying a gorilla grow tent, the smallest they have. i'm planning on growing the easiest autoflower strain on my first attempt. i'm still trying to figure out which strain that is. i'm growing 4 plants..

    How do I even set the thing up? Yes, I'm just a smoker with no knowledge of how the weed is grown. LOL. so, you place a fan inside the grow tent. right in the front? what type of fan? what type of extractor fan should i buy? are carbon filters necessary? which canadian nutes should i buy?
  6. Check out this video on youtube if you get time, it will answer most, maybe all your questions on how to setup a grow area.
  7. Everyone seems to act like growing weed is hard. It's easy man. Give them strong light. Water when necessary. Feed them properly and keep the air moving. They grow themselves. If your ordering online then order a copy of Ed rosenthals marijuana growers handbook with it. But seriously there is nothing to it. For a beginner I think advanced nutrients ph perfect nutes are very easy. They ph the solution for you. They are Canadian. As far as fans and stuff, if you don't have anything yet, tons of companies sell complete grow tents with lights and fans and filters. As for strain, Google easy strains for new growers. I tried skunk 1 my first grow and it went flawlessly. Seriously, lights air nutrients and water. Supply that and they grow themselves.

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  8. Took me like 2-3 harvests before I actually started getting good results.

    then another 3-5 before I started getting good yields to match the quality.

    I'm always improving though, the longer I've been at it the better I've gotten.
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  9. NOO!!! autoflowers can be even more disapointing on yer first go
  10. But they are easier to grow... Well harder to fuck up.

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  11. fuck the DEA fool!
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  12. How hard is it to change a timer to 12/12?

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