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    Howdy everyone, I’m heading into my first ever grow and idk if I’ve dug myself in too deep or if I’m on the right path but I’ll lay it out for you all and if you have any suggestions I’m open for them.

    I have built a grow room that is attatched to my house it’s dimensions are 6’ x 6’ x 8’. I specially insulated all 4 walls and put in a new weatherproof exterior door. I’ve wrapped all of the walls and ceiling with 3mil plastic and then placed 1/2” sheet rock on the walls. Mudded caulked and sealed it up air tight. To cool the room I’ve ran a 6” duct from my air handler off my 2.5 ton air conditioner that cools my house which I planned to put a 6” Terra bloom charcoal filter on. I’ve got a Veva 8000 Elite Pro Series air purifier to help keep air quality to its best. I’m planning on using a 5 pound co2 tank with a day and night control sensor to emit co2 up to 1500ppms with a co2 regulator attatched. I have 2 oscillating fans one up top of the room and one below on a stand about 24” off the ground. I’m using a BESTEVA 2000 watt Reflector Elite Series LED light for my lighting which is centered on a 5’ x 4’ center. Everything will be going into and starting in a soil medium ( happy tree frog super soil ) inside 10 gallon air pots to avoid any transplanting. I’m purifying all of the water that will be at room temperature to water the little ones. I’m also using a cool air humidifier to help raise the humidity levels inside the room. All walls have been lined with Mylar film to help with reflection of light.
    I should also add that there is a old 3” water heater vent coming through the ceiling that I left to help ventilate hot air out and I wasn’t sure if I should have removed that or if I should hook some duct up to it and place a fan and filter onto.

    Now that that’s all out of the way heres what I’ve got currently for the environment.
    Temp: Lows 75 F / Highs 88 F
    Humidity: Lows 47% / Highs 59% / Avg 53%
    Current seedlings 5/5 Black Widows all germed in there 10 gallon air pots and now sprouting at this current time that I’m checking on them.
    Germination time: 55 hours tops.
    I’ve been watering the top soil with a water bottle just till it’s wet to touch about a finger tip down.

    All plants are within a 5’ by 32” square location while everything else sits around it. Photo period currently set at 20 / 4 for veg and 32” above the pots / little plants and I plan to veg for about 6 weeks with topping and hst and lst added.

    I know that no matter how much research I’ve done I’m sure I’ll mess something up specially with this being my first grow but I’m trying to make sure that I’m looking at good results even if I cause a blip here and there. My current problem is I think I may have over done my research and freaked myself into a exhaust fan with a carbon scrubber to help with the odor control but I’ve read online that a exhaust fan would pull out all of my co2 and I’d like to use co2 enrichment to help speed the veg since I’ll be topping and lst and hst. I know I’ll need a carbon scrubber for the intake line from my house so the odor doesn’t back track into my house. Other then myself over thinking my room and this grow, what would you say is a good idea?
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  2. I urge you to take things slow and even leave C02 to your 2nd grow

    just so you get this first grow 'bedded in'

    besides you may have a winter to deal with?

    good luck
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  3. I dunno what half of that equipment is by name...but it seems you have done some research prior purchase.
    I just want to say that your carbon filter/scrubber was a good idea. They have honestly left a room with a grow smell more fresh and clean than the rest of the place.
    If you have exhaust could set your room/tent to have some kind of passive intake as well? That way, I mean I guess whatever you take out will go back in again. (can anyone validate this?)
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  4. Thank you and yea I was really thinking on the co2 enrichment for a while and I might just wait it out on this first go around to get the better hang of things. I will have a winter here in maybe 4 months it’ll drop down to around 30s or so.
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  5. My idea that I’ve got mashed into my head so far is to leave the 6” passive / non passive intake with a carbon scrubber and as long as I run a high enough cfm fan to pull more then what my 6” passive intake can put out it’ll produce a slight negative pressure but I’m unconfirmed on that so I’m a little hesitant on buying the exhaust fan seeing as I probably won’t need it from running that 6” passive intake from my air conditioning of my house. What I’m more worried about is if I place a carbon filter on that passive intake will it cause the cold air being pushed through to be limited by the carbon filter which in case would cause the grow room to heat up pushing me into buying the exhaust fan.
  6. My carbon filter had like a fan of it's own... I actually placed it right at the "exit" port.
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  7. I like the enthusiasm and the research you put in just like I did but I can tell you no matter how much you look stuff up and know what to do things still happen that are unexpected. I went into this thinking I was going to fill up a tent and get a pound. $1500 later I finish my first grow with a huge 3 oz. Lol the research does help you fix the things that come up quicker and prevent alot from happening. Good luck dude.
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  8. Thanks man and yea I’m not looking forward to those unexpected problems but I know I’ll come across some. So did you ever figure out why your first grow came out only 3 oz dried?
  9. Yea I had 2 bad grows first time I over watered second time I underwater. Then I tried coco and got 3 off 1 plant so far, the other 2 are still finishing. :) i also am doing better in the soil i have three that look pretty good in that now too. If you are using containers just remember when they say water when the pot is "light" I am talking about feather lol
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