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  1. so i've been reading all these stories about getting pulled over and people telling the cop that they know their rights and that they can't illegally search them and stuff.

    While I think it's great to know your rights, and everyone should, especially everyone who blazes, I almost think that when a cop pulls you over and you immediately (or shortly after questioning) shout or say that "I know my rights" or something like "no you can't search my car without my consent/warrant" that this is exactly what the cop wants

    Think how many people get pulled over and say things like that. Every cop figures that if someone immediately shouts that they know their rights or that they can't search their car that something MUST be up, whether it be having drugs in the car etc etc

    It's almost like an admittance of guilt saying you know your rights.

    Instead I think most people should know their rights but not say anything about them unless a cop tries something funny (i.e. illegally searching your car, or trying to )

    This way you act unsuspicious. Think about it. Someone who answers a cops questions and doesn't act weird isn't going to get searched as often as someone who hollers there rights and how they can't be violated..

    I unno, it just seems like cops are so used to this that if you don't assert yourself in the beginning (waiting until you absolutely HAVE to) than you'll get off clean ..

    Than again if ur car reeks of bud or you just get a dick cop you might be out of options. But still, next time you get pulled over just think before you absolutely have to speak.
  2. Cop-"How are you doing today, sir?"

    Me-"I know my rights!"

    Then I proceed to either spit in his face or start crying.
  3. It's like telling a cop that you don't have any weed before he's asked you.


    OP, I don't know many people who automatically tell a cop that they know their rights. Only until my rights are brought into question is when I will speak up.

    Even if a cop "wants" you to say that u know ur rights, he still can do anything to break them. :smoke:

  5. Exactly. Most of the time if you remain calm and respectful the situation does not escalate and you leave with a speeding ticket.

    I am a firm believer in appearances too. Don't drive around with a big Marijuana leaf on your t-shirt. Pumping the Dr. Dre when there is a cop car behind you is a bad idea. Don't smoke Cannabis in your car. Only travel with Cannabis if you absolutely have to. If you do, stash it up underneath the dash in a bundle of wires.

    Use your head and you can avoid so much trouble!
  6. lmao... Reminds me of a time when my buddy and I were smoking in the bed of my truck
    (It has a cap) and he kept on trying to write 420 on my back window. I really didn't feel like having the cops pull me over.
  7. Just don't carry contraband in your car. I can't understand why people don't just leave their shit at home. If you have to blaze in your car, just take a quick L ride. Then all you have is a lighter, blunt, and eyedrops. The lighter and eyedrops aren't illegal (because you have them for cigarettes and allergies, RIGHT?), and if you get pulled over just toss the blunt and you have nothing on you that could get you in trouble. If he wants to search, let him. It'll be satisfying to see him try so hard and end up with nothing.

  8. How do you get weed to and from your house? It's stupid to keep weed in your vehicle, but their nothing wrong with having weed on you when you're intending to smoke. You can throw away a dime bag just as easily as a joint.

  9. If you mean picking up new weed, then I guess that's an exception. If you just picked up from your guy and you're driving home, then drive really f'n safe.

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