As aye Seasoned Token. I Love Big Bamboos

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    I only use big bamboos, love the way they taste and smoke. you can also fit a nice fat 1.3 in that bitch no problem, if not more. Smoke sum n put it out to there rad papers. Plus there sold every where. Also regular bamboos are nice. They both have a nice texture and a thick but nice thickness to them that's not overwhelming. But I'm old school and these papers wer nice back in the day. I'm talking late 80s.

    In Short. I Use Big Bamboos. What's you're opinion. What Papers are your Favorite?
  2. White buffalo, zig zag, big bambu, ocb, tops, ...used em all....back in the day....early 70s
  3. How bout them unmentionables back in the day. Ain't nothing like em lol
  4. The unmentioables were never good for my health...and me me talk too much...bout everything that probably should have benn left unsaid.
  5. Y'all confuse me!

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