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  1. I have posted a few threads on this topic before, AS ABOVE SO BELOW.

    The idea that the Macroscopic is connected to the Microscopic, just operating with different rules and laws.

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    Most of you will already be aware of this. But the connection between the eyes and galaxies are just one example of how the big is connected to the small (or at least one small segment of a possible infinite scale).

    Our eyes absorb light and information and transcribe into perception of the world around us. The galaxies absorb light (and information) and to our knowledge is sucked through into the black hole to another dimension. I think we have to get creative at this point because no known science can tell us what happnes as you go into a black hole.

    The resemblance is so strong it's amazing how even scientists have not linked to the two together.

    My belief is that there is a whole other level of conciousness that we are unable to see, feel or detect, maybe we could connect with that consciousness if we tried and learned how. At the current rate of human development I very much dounbt that.
    Maybe the anciebnt civilizations knew a thing or two about it but a certain gene in man has obliterated that.

    Love to hear your thoughts.
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    Yes, also the small are reflections of the larger. When looking at massive planets gravitating around a central sun, it is clear to see the resemblance to the tiny electrons and protons revolving around the central nucleus of an atom. Even the smallest cells only visible with microscopes are replicated in larger sizes, like the organ systems of a man's body, and the environmental systems of a planet. Incredibly humbling to think about, an intelligence beyond our dizziest dreams of attempting to comprehend it.
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  3. Wow, starting to think that the weed itself gives us these thoughts, as I've had exactly the same as you guys haha mostly when I'm high like right now.
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  4. I had this realization as a kid and it blew my mind. :p Obviously they are not carbon copies of each other, but the resemblances are striking.

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  5. We evolved from that, we are that.
    Hence the legendary term: I am that, I Am.
  6. Yeah! Mee too! I’ve had the idea that somehow weed connects us for a minute every time we smoke at the same time, as if though we are all part of a clan that comes to life through the air we breathe out when we smoke!

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  7. I once talked to a guy for 3 hours that was convinced that DMT did this exact same thing. I love weed but I just can't see something like this possible. To think that there is one psychoactive substance that brings all our minds together is so out there.

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  8. Wow! Awesome! Thank you for sharing that with me! Now I see you‘ve met other one I don‘t feel like I‘m crazy anymore!
    There‘s a „thing“ called „the pleyadians“ It blew my mind So bad that
    I love you! Thank you for being kind/interested enough on this to talk to a guy for 3 hours about something you dont think its possible..its so kind of you, my guess is there are „levels“ like in a game „level 1 = Passed!“>>Go up to Level 2!” Sort of..
    I honestly love that magical feeling of realization

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  9. Also! Steve Jobs got his inspiration to Create Apple after his “trip” to India, my guess is he met LSD and found his life purpose (I’ve got it from a book where they explain how through many experiments with LSD a “common experience” is always found: People easily faces Death, hence Life purpose is crystal clear, its awesome, to me it was very enlightening, I decided to try LSD after a friend told me about the “pshycodellic Family” his paintings are pretty cool

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  10. I wish I could build you a pair of glasses to allow you “see” that, but to me its not your eyes but your ears the ones that need some help to cure you and allow you to listen to „The Universe’ silence”, tell me, Even if you close your eyes, do you find it difficult to listen to the beat of your heart?

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  11. Look up Nikolai Tesla's work there is something called the either and we are all connected through it. We are energy that operates on certain frequencies and when you are vibrating on the same frequency as someone else you can share their thoughts. Weed puts most people on the same frequency when their high especially if they are close to each other or doing similar things. Also check out Wilhelm Riech's work on orgone energy.

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  12. I checked out the shampoo/conditioner I was using at home. DMT is found listed in the ingredients. Makes sense why so many brands use sodium laurel sulfate to mitigate the effects.

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