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As a teen still living with parents, how often did you smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Keith McKief, May 15, 2011.

  1. Back in the days when you still lived with your parents, still went to high school, and still a teen. How often and where did you guys smoke?

    And, some interesting stoner stories would be appreciated. Haha.

    Me personally, I smoked weed everyday, whether or not my parents were home. And then one day my mom told me that she knew that I've been smoking weed since she could smell it, then I couldn't smoke anymore. After that, I smoked only if it was catch-proof.
  2. I am living with my rents, 18 years old, and I poke smot every day.
  3. Lol man I sesh every night and hotbox my blanket, mind you my mom knows I smoke so it's not risky that much :bongin:
  4. I smoked weed every day, unless I didn't have any. (which wasn't very often) usually a few rips off a small grav bong or bowl out my bedroom window.
  5. smokin in tha basement at 2am never failed
  6. i was wondering if i was the only one who smoked all day erry day and just straight chilled in my room lol. it's a lot easier to get away with smoking by yourself the times you get caught are usually when you try to stealth smoke with a friend and he's a dumb ass. plus the paranoia all though can be a buzz kill, when trying not to get caught as i always said keeps your ass in line
  7. I rarely smoked at my parents house, I have too much respect for them. Always when i'm out with friends or in my car.
  8. Ya i smoke in my garage when my moms not here. I used to smoke in the house but i realized how dis respectful that was. Now i just smoke at my friends house cause his moms alright with it. Generally in the back yard to be respectful.
  9. in my room at night if it's real late but during the day in the back if my mom is gone other family don't really care.
  10. all day everyday including family gatherings lol cause most of my family gets high
  11. also I forgot to say I smoke before school when I get home and again before mom gets home and than at night when people are in their rooms.
  12. Whenever I got to go out of the house I would poke smot.
  13. I smoke alotta weed at work and random places (a parks walk trail yesterday) hah
  14. whenever my parents are not home il blow the smoke out my window, but if my parents are home i just go down the street to the forest. yah know
  15. #15 haggs, May 15, 2011
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    all day every dayy

    *USED to
  16. I still live with my parents and I smoke all day long lol. :) I am 19 though, so maybe they know and don't care?
  17. I started when I was fifteen, and everyday since 3/4 my way of my freshman year. My parents never caught me but I'm still pretty sure that they knew very soon after i started. My house already smelled like weed since my stepdad smoked everyday too
  18. I used to smoke wit my bro in our room every day and night. He used to deal and i liked to smoke so sharing a room worked pretty good. Plus we both had super fat comfortable queen beds wit pillows and a giant room. One time my bro and i woke up and needed a wake and bake and noticed he had none. So we scraped his grinder which was suprisingly packed and id say we got like .3 or .4 out of it. My bro happens to roll straight amazing blunts. Prolly not the best, but not too tight and ripped fat as hell. So we took that .4 and had half a blunt wrap. he put the bud in and threw keif on top and rolled a half blunt somehow. It went for like 10 or 12 hits and got us both blown. I then rode to school and went to P.E. class where my dads friend was the teacher. I was stoned as hell somehow and barely made it through class. That was a good fucking start to the day.
  19. Daily. And no one knows or ever will know.
  20. Every night after they are sleeping.

    I don't really think smoking in their house is disrespectful.. i'm not damaging anything, doesn't leave the nasty shit behind like cigarettes.. i smoke cigs outside

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