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As a seasoned toker, how has your view on bud changed since you were an apprentice?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by URATowel, May 4, 2011.

  1. Personally, I've grown to appreciate it much more than I used to. I feel like bud is the only pure way I have to connect to earth and mother nature. When I smoke, I feel like mother nature is embracing me in her arms telling me "everything will be ok, Julian."

    She comforts me, consoles me and reminds me that we are all part of a bigger plan that she has for us.

    Whether or not that made sense, let's hear you :)
  2. Hahaha

    For me it's a lifestyle.. Opposed to being an "event" of sorts every time. Still anticipate every hit though :)
  3. it gives me somethin to look forward to at the end of a day or as a reward, all the different strains and differen things i can do and the sleep is the best, i cant wait for this summer :)
  4. apprentice: weed is a cool thing that I like to do with friends once and a while

    Seasoned: weed is an amazing plant that makes me feel awesome and is welcome anytime (provided all my work and priorities are straight)
  5. it went from a way too chill with friends and hang out all day doing dumb realizing how nice it is to have such a special plant on this planet
  6. When I first started smoking at 17, I felt like I was the shit because I smoked an illegal substance. Then two weeks later I quickly realized it really didn't matter too much because I lot of people smoke. It was something fun to do once in a while.

    Now, I view it more as just a thing I do. I don't find the fact that I'm using illegal stuff alluring anymore. I grind herb up. Roll herb up. Smoke herb up. It's just like whatever to me now. That doesn't mean I don't get happy when I do or am about to smoke.
  7. i been smoking for 6 years and when i first started smoking it was just for fun
    now i see it as a way to kick back after work and relax and take some time to reflect on the day
  8. I use to only see it as it makes everything funner (which it does) but after awhile saw it for so much more like how it helps with making music or just anything creative.. I already have a really active imagination and weed is like a healthy steroid for it. Also I smashed my left leg on this bump made out of pavement and nearly tore my tendon in my knee once was my first almost break of anything and I was fine with it but it was a pain in the ass walking around cause it did hurt like a bitch but when high it did not so really I just now know everything that weed can be great for like astral projection :D
  9. It makes my eyes red and my dick hard.

    Everything else is just a bonus :p
  10. helps me forget how shitty humans are (wars, poverty, etc etc etc) but how beautiful nature is.
  11. Yea its more of a lifestyle now. Not just for fun, its something deeper.
  12. It's used to be a symbol of defiance and fun and something could have in common with people. Those principles still hold true for me today but on a deeper level. Now it's defiance with a purpose and cause, now life is more fun, even when I'm
    Not high. It's opened my eyes to the little things. And it's something I can share with friends and strangers and feel a bond with them. I know what's going on with them
    When were high. It's a closeness thing. Sounds kinda fruity but weed is a part of my life now. It's not negative. It's done nothing but help me enhance my life
  13. I wouldn't call it a "lifestyle." I think that's a bad term to use. I also wouldn't say I shape my life around weed, but rather I shape weed around my life. I enjoy the plant now much more than I ever did as an "apprentice;" I would never go as far as to call it a "lifestyle." That just makes me feel like a tool. Also, smoking has become just part of what I do. I don't see it as weird, illegal (even though it is, lol), or taboo at all.
  14. it is now something that gives me deeper meaning to happiness, love, music, friendship, sex, nature...

    makes life complete man
  15. it went from being something mysterious and almost frightening, to something comforting.

    went from being a way to get fucked up to a way to get relaxed, and insightful

    helps me reflect on my life, and learn to love life
  16. when i first started in the 9th grade i treated that shit like crack or something id come into school and buy 3 blunts by the end of the day smoking bowls in bathrooms and shit like an irresponsible loser

    now days weed is weed if i dont have it i dont have it
    if i have it and i dont want to smoke it i dont smoke it
  17. When I was a young, young toker I considered weed to be like beer. Made me kinda silly but wasn't worth much and def. wasn't ever something to worry about them legalizing or whatever. I got my bud when I was offered it for free.

    As I grew, I entered my phase of the younger, almost older toker in which I viewed weed as a tool to enhance other drugs or help smooth out come downs. Again, I never really thought much of it and didn't care all that much.

    Now that I am at the point I am, my thoughts have shifted so much. Getting a MMJ authorization is, so far, one of the best things to happen to me. I have learned so much about weed and now I feel it is a cause worth fighting for, something that /matters/ in this society! It's more than just any drug and it's def. no beer, its a miracle. A plant that is that good at doing so many things for so many people is awe-inspiring. I view weed now as something that helps me have a higher quality of life and that I'm so grateful it exists.
  18. its my way of life now and not just a fun thing to do

  19. That was beautifully said : )

  20. It has helped me connect with people. i wouldnt have realized i had so much in common with these people until we were all high

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