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As a long time stoner, I've never seen this before...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bmxboyyzz345, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Okay blades, first off let me just say that I am ripped, so please excuse spelling errors lol. :D

    Now to start off, we had some pretty dank mango kush from my dealer and I had originally bought a 50 bag of it for myself. Now this kid John I go to school with always talks about how much he smokes and loves to get high but at the same time he will ask really general questions about it that anyone who smokes would easily know the answer to, so i had a suspicion he was lying lol and I was right. So I met up with my buddy jim in the morning and we got our gravity bong ready and a couple blunt wraps and drove over to the local park where we met up with john by mistake and he had nothing to do so we asked him to toke. He gratefully accepted the offer and came along with us. We went across the river on a log, sat down and burned. Now john, had been lying about his previous smoking the entire time so little did we know it was only his first time. Well, he took 3 gravity bong rips, and cheifed a blunt and he was holding it in and everything. Felt nothing for 10 minutes and all of a sudden, he slipped down a pile of mud, put his hands on his face, ran around in circles flipping out: Suddenly he stop in place and says "I need to touch stuff!" So he starts grabbing the fallen, old, wet leaves on the ground and throwing them around, he runs up to a big puddle and splashes it violently across his face smearing mud and shit on him. Meanwhile jim and I are high and cracking up trying to figure out what was happening. Then, I was facing the opposite direction for a minute and jim says to look so i turn around and john is IN a 6 inch deep freezing cold puddle rolling around and screaming/ This was mid day too so luckily no people were in the park. At this point we went to help him and he then proceeded to say that he was fine and felt in a movie, and jim and I went on to say how we love that feeling lol. But in the end we got chipotle, and went home after and surprisingly john wants to smoke again but idk if i want to spoke with that kid hes weird lol. This is completely true and accurate from the 2 witnesses (me and jim), So my question is, Have you ever seen anything like this when smoking over the years with new people? Thanks for reading guys :hello: :wave: :smoking:
  2. What the fuck lol. The weirdest thing I've seen people do while high, is make out. And they were two chicks so it was badass... Wait. No, I think they were drunk. Okay, never mind. But seriously, I've just seen people laugh their balls off, nothing like that. When I still had an extremely low tolerance, I smoked with my friends, and I smoked more than all of them. I don't remember a lot of that night, but they said I sat in the corner of his room, babbling incoherently, lol.
  3. Thats hilarious lol Ive had times where I smoked so many times in a day that by 10 at night i feel like i smoked away my brain and cant think much
  4. sounds funny for the first time but any more and it would be annoying. i wouldn't smoke with him again until he can handle it.
  5. Would be annoying the first time. I sure as fuck wouldn't burn with him again. Kids a weirdo.
  6. hahahhaha.
    i'd burn with him. i'd laugh my ass off.
    hahahhaha. holy fuck dude.
    my mind would be fucking BLOWN.
  7. lol this happened to some kid that my buddy brought over a couple months ago he said hed smoked before but I don't think he did, anyways we bust up our chop and start hitting bowls and this kid hits a bowl coughs before clearing it and shoots the bowl piece and water following it all over my buddy who brought him over lol so he whent outside while our buddy was trying to dry all the bong water off him ,so when he dries himself off he goes out to see what the kid was doing and he was just puking on the front lawn so he comes in and tells us so they go home and the one kid is now known as the one bowl wonder
  8. lol, well congratulations! you, my friend, just had your first experience of someone going 'emilio estevez' on you (as seen in the movie the breakfast club when estevez smokes a joint and starts running and jumping around like a mad man and eventually screams and breaks a glass door - at least that's what my gf and i call it when people smoke weed and go crazy).

    although i gotta say that your incident was pretty crazy for sure lol. worst emilio freak out i've witnessed was with a couple guys i didn't know. i was smoking with them in their car and was only there because we had a mutual female friend with us as well. man, these two guys finished hot boxing their car and as soon as the joint was done they started freaking out yelling and shit. they had to get out of the car and were running, jumping, yelling and shit. soon they got on top of the car and started jumping. they dented the shit out of the roof too. i was just hoping they would still be able to drive me home after.
  9. Dude this shit seriously made an indent on my brain this was just crazy lol
  10. #10 Hazy Ghost, Jan 2, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2013
    HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH! OH MY GOD! This reminds me of a time when I blazed with two of my buds. One of my buddies Marquell came back to town and he got a nice pickup from his town so we decided to blaze. The other guy, Mark, had never smoked weed in his life and we finally convinced him to try it. We got my vaporizer from my house and went to this other guy's house that Marquell was staying at. We go out to the backyard and start vaping. This weed was really fucking dank so I was high as shit after like 5-6 good vape hits. We were cracking up and shit and it literally felt like a dream for me. This was the first time I had been this high in quite a while. Next thing we know, Mark, the guy who never smoked before, takes off down the backyard to the little playground set they have. He climbs up the rockclimb and gets in the little fort and starts saying shit like "I FEEL LIKE A LITTLE KID AGAIN!" and "WHERE THE FUCK AM I?!" Then he slides down the slide backwards while yelling like a little kid. He was running around acting like a fucking 5 year old. Marquell and I are just looking at him and at eachother while dying laughing. I had never seen anything like that in my life. He did some other hilarious and crazy shit, I just can't remember it because I was so gone hahahaha. That was a good ass day.

    Oh and I forgot the best part. I talked to Mark the next day about it and he had no recollection of any of this happening lol. I wish I would have recorded it.
  11. He was rolling around in the mud? He must of been fucking stoned lol. That's awesome. :smoking:
  12. Ha reminds me the first time I smoked. I just remember leaving my friends house and deciding to cross through the golf course, next thing I knew I was half way home laughing my ass off without remembering any of the walking because I was that damn high.

  13. Just how long?
  14. Okay, as soon as he was balls deep in the puddle splashing around like a little kid, I would of shat my pants with laughter
  15. Yeah bro it was some crazy shit. My friend jim was so fucking high and so was I from the mango kush and we were cracking up lol honestly the fact that he is short as fuck and ginger hobbit makes it 10x funnier. We do like the kid though hes alright lol
  16. you just can't hate a kid like that.
    he's just to innocent or something. i can't find the characteristic to describe it. hahah.
  17. Yeah its true he is really innocent I feel bad for him idk why its weird I feel like he needs the bud lol
  18. hahaha. i know what you're feeling.
  19. If he throws down next time and he doesnt freak out and turn it into a sketchy situation then go for it.
  20. Luckily he threw me 20 for when he smoked. I was happy I got munchies and another gram of sour diesel for when I got home. it was very nice to smoke by myself that night nobody was home so I got to smoke it in the living room. :)

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