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As a kid, how often.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by UpstateToking, May 31, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, Ive just been wanting to know how often you smoked ~2 months after you started? I started in 8th grade, and started smoking almost every other day the summer after. That was 5 years ago, as now I even it out with work and tolerance.
  2. Had my first toke in 8th grade, toked only on weekends/break days/holidays throughout high school, sometimes I'd skip a week for a t-break. I started using more often after my bout in the hospital due to a suicide attempt and depression, and weed really helped me out. I also experimented with acid and psychedelics once in a while. That's apart from the point.
  3. Toked since 7th grade
  4. I didn't smoke at all until a year after I first smoked.
  5. first time i ever smoke i was about 5 years old but only once then again in 7th when i was 15 i became an everyday smoker
  6. Pretty chronically from eighth grade on.Especially the summer after where I smoked multiple times a day.Then I got caught and from that point on I smoked a few times a week, every other week or so.Usually around the weekends.
  7. Lost my weed cherry in 9th grade. Only smoked about once every other month or so from that point until I began 12th grade.
  8. I had a weird childhood with a few different meds. I was very avoidant of all drugs. My family and the people around me described weed as a terrible thing. I go through high school not thinking much of it, some people are stoners, some people act a little different but I never really thought much of it. I always had other shit on my mind. Here I am at 19 though smoking my first joint of kush and tearing Wendys from fucking limb to counter with the munchies.

    Now at nearly 22, I have zero regrets.

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