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    What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Modern christianity was entirely shaped by the romans. They decided the dates of the holidays, what would make it into the bible... stuff like that. They made a lot of their decisions based on the fact that they wanted people to convert to Christianity without having to change their system of belief in any great way.
  3. that it's symbolic and not meant to be taken literally? Also, I would like a source besides Zeitgeist because that movie has been thoroughly deconstructed.
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    These are my thoughts:


    Many atheists put too much faith in misinformation.
  5. What about Zoraster, Attis, Osirus etc.? Only a fool ignores the fact that Jesus' story comes from a collection of savior stories. And several even died on a cross.
  6. The image I posted was a response to the image the thread starter posted.

    The same thing applies to those 3, it has all been debunked years ago.
  7. If you'd say Christianity was to be a copy of these religious figures , then would they not all be copies of eachother, although the first believers didn't have contact with each other.
  8. No, they haven't all been debunked. Look Zoroaster up. His story is almost exactly the same. Zoroastrianism is evidently the main inspiration for Christ's story.

  9. I agree with Malvolio, it was all made to fit the Roman's beliefs. I think Jesus (Yahushua) was just a man, one Jew trying to teach other Jews a better less restrictive way of life, who was killed because he started to get too big of a following and was considered a threat. All that other stuff, born of virgin, resurrected, walking on water,...all came from the Romans. And there was a lot of other stuff added from other cultures through the years. I think he was a real person, a rabbi, maybe a prophet. But God himself or part of a mystical trinity? No.
  10. I have looked him up and it has been debunked. Anyone who does honest research will realize that these claims are dishonest, exaggerated and not reliable at all.
  11. so...exactly like christianity?
  12. Why dont the mods just change this section to the Atheist section? Thats all it is. Never real discussions about anything other than why religion is wrong. Pathetic.

  13. I disagree.
  14. I don't believe religion is wrong, I just don't believe as I did when I was much younger. I don't consider myself a christian anymore, because I don't believe Jesus was a diety, or G-d, I just believe he was a man, a Jew, and he had a lot of good things to teach. I don't really even think he was the Messiah. But I think we can learn from him. I think we can learn a lot from many different religions. I don't consider myself an Athiest at all, and I don't want to argue with one. I just see way too much to think it could have just all evolved without some guidance. I dunno...jmo...
  15. All of those have nothing to do with "The Jesus Christ" who came down to this earth from the Kingdom of Heaven and shed blood on the cross for 6 hours as the atonement for not his but out sins,
    however they might have something to do with "a jesus" the bible testifies that there is 2 kinda of Jesus "The Jesus" who is the true Jesus and also "A jesus" in which satan gets people to worship.
    The bible testifies that in the Age of the Father (Jehovah o.t.) if they proclaimed Jehovah's name they were persecuted, but they also witnessed that name.
    In the age of the son Jehovah came to the earth as a son/child born according to the prophecy in Isiah chapter 9. But when Jesus Christ came to the earth in the age of the son nobody had a problem with the name Jehovah but why? what happened??
    According to Time Limitation once the age of the Father ended the name of the Savior (God) also changed to the name Jesus Christ..
    Then when he came in the flesh what did they do to him? crucified the savior who came in the flesh, then how come now a days nobody gets persecuted for proclaiming the name of Jesus or Jehovah??
    We are living in the last age the age of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ prophesied to coming with a New Name and when he comes a 2nd time he has to be baptized at the age of 30 (again) and preach the gospel for 37 years to fullfill the prophecy of reigning on King Davids throne, King David was annointed King at age 30 and reigned 40 years Jesus Christ first coming preached only 3 then he has to come again according to the prophecy to fullfill the 37 years
  16. Erase the timeline as it is a mere illusion, all of those people are in fact the same being.
  17. As much as I hate to admit it, Kush Lord is right. There are similarities between Jesus and other deities, but much of what has been posted out there is in fact wrong. There are obvious differences between mythology all over the world, but of course a thinking person remembers it is still mythology...including the christian mythology.
  18. Interesting thread, my personal opinion is all religions and all of mythology is not to be taken literal. I have read and heard Manly p. Hall lectures, a lot of his information seems to make more sense than all the information going around now. Religion in itself is not bad,but you always rely on a saviour to save you,instead of looking within and healing your self. There is a lot of symbolism, entity can be created by strong emotions, Aphrodite was the emotion love..we create and are able to manifest with our emotions alone, the more hate or negative driven emotions hurt the world, but most it hurts yourself. Nature is something we should pay more attention too its flawless.. it knows its role in life, we human beings get so caught up in our egotistical ways we lose touch with nature...well felt good to write ..all my opinion so its neither right or wrong

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