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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Carl Chase, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. So basically the only light I have is a finnex aquarium LED light.
    Can anyone tell me if this will work?
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  4. And are those seedss??
  5. Nobody can help me here?
  6. No it wont work. Your plant is stretching. Seeds what?

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  7. If you zoom in on the top of the plant, there appears to be seeds. But I'm just a beginner so idk.
    Also I just put the light on the plant 2 days ago. It has been in the window prior
  8. I would rather use 3-4 cfl's get them 2 each of warm white and cool white, have a small pc type fan to aid breathing above all pot up to a 3 us gallon, or always be struggling ..?

    good luck
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  9. Unfortunately I can't have a setup like that because I'm renting and my landlords home is for sale so I constantly have people coming in to see the place.
    And OK I'll get a 3 gallon pot.
    Any other advice you can give?
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  10. So I got a 42w equal to 150w CFL 2700k with 2730 lumens.
    Hopefully this will do the job?
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  11. Good start, 6400k is better for veg while 2400 for flower, i would add two more of those at least three would be better. I use same bulbs for my smaller scale grows and they work well, make sure u keep em close to plants as CFLs don't penetrate well.

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  12. The struggle is real finding those 42 watt bulbs in 6400k in my local hardware store so i get mine off amazon or ebay. And i agree fans would be a real good investment. While carbon filter might be a lil over kill, if you got ppl walkin thrw your crib alot its a good option. There are many diy carbon filters as well, wishing you and your ladie health, cheers

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  13. Thanks for the opinions guys.
    How close should the light be kept to the plant?
  14. That looks like a male, not seeds. Maybe not having it under a light has made it start to show sex, but that looks like male parts.
  15. After zooming in I'm positive that you plant is a male or has been stressed to Hermie.
  16. Plant has male stamens

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  17. I'm new to all of this I'm not sure what any of that means.

    I had it in a window for the majority of its life. Just like yesterday I put it under the 45watt CFL bulb at 2700k.
    I keep the light on probably 16/8
  18. Also one of the lower leaves has red spots on the underside of it. What is this?
  19. The plant is a male so it will not produce buds. Kill it and start a new seed.
  20. Oh man tell me you're lying...
    I have no more seeds and I've been waiting forever it seems for this Lil bastard.
    He will provide me with buds! Or else!

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