Artwork from a fucked up mind

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  1. a few pieces of mine scope it :p

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  2. Omg dude, that is amazing art.
  3. those are good
  4. Wow, you are so talented! I wish I was half as creative as you.
  5. good stuff!
    keep em comin man.:hello:
  6. the last one is my favourite. very nice art. keep it up.
  7. how.... lol that shit is intense.. idk how you did the mechanical sun, how long did it take you?
    nice shit man
  8. Woww. Niceee dude =] +rep
  9. the third one is ill as fuck
  10. you are fucking SICK!
    looove your shit
  11. Honestly dont remember i do all mys stuff high as fucklol I like to get mass baked and just draw the images that race to my mind. Im getting that mechanical sun tattooed on my back im thinking
  12. I REALLY LIKE YOUR ART I am going to get them all tattooed on my dick.
  13. Keep the creativity up man kool ass shit, + rep
  14. Thats pretty sick.

    Were you always good or did it take practice?
  15. Lol do it man that would be one painful ass experience.
  16. Ive been drawing almost every day since I was about 13 im 22 now so im constantly changing and improving
  17. Those are really good man do you draw these toked I assume?
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  19. fucking spammers, and yea i toke before all my drawings it really opens my mind.
  20. Intense/Insane...Good shit dude. Thanks for sharing.

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