Artists Self Portraits on Drugs

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  1. In 1995, artist Bryan Lewis Saunders began creating at least one self-portrait of himself every day.

    • In 2000, he then came up with an experiment titled "Under The Influence," which saw him take a different drug or intoxicant each day and then draw a picture of himself.

    • He told Insider the experiment left him lethargic and with "mild brain damage that wasn't irreparable," but resulted in "psychomotor retardation and confusion."

    44A28984-B4D6-44FF-BD58-33F10857CB3B.jpeg 8C2110BC-94CC-44F8-B9BF-E1442945B356.jpeg B04DEF84-5D72-4D9E-89A4-DFBFEF193956.jpeg 529A2B18-7DB6-4884-92C6-2A6AC80F8805.jpeg 16435B1B-7A98-4212-829C-0B15392FACC7.jpeg E10DDD97-BC63-43F0-BAEF-424C6C9D2359.jpeg A5B071C5-9D32-412A-B768-8DD308A2C513.jpeg 573CADC5-01A2-4374-80C7-0C8260A2C5FA.jpeg 8D4DE9D3-F41F-48B7-AF94-79C37981FB7C.jpeg D5A89928-CAB8-4568-92DC-77A78DF89945.jpeg 618BAD98-2823-4FEB-A36E-185347B91AEF.jpeg F94E3719-6E99-42D7-BBEC-E544FC8E0BAE.jpeg F1964648-9192-47A8-AF69-7E29AF9F2649.jpeg 4E9951A0-2A1B-40A3-999C-20B41E7E1DC3.jpeg F6CE46C7-DB2E-429A-8DC9-92609B222D0C.jpeg 604A0680-4DAA-401A-9871-624C38CD8569.jpeg 9D7693ED-630A-45A3-BDED-D1B93D5997B8.jpeg 111300F2-FDAA-4CDB-8E28-5F72398E8E43.jpeg 94EB0B71-AB41-4935-BBF1-B0A8C4896625.jpeg 0C0E9BCD-CE56-422F-AD58-0F9A8BE913E8.jpeg
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  2. Those are amazing.
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  3. Trippy. Makes me want to do "stuff" and draw again lmao I can relate to this guy.
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  4. spot on for ritilin and percocet
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  5. There’s this whole interesting documentary about this man too. He isolated himself for long periods of time exposing himself to only red light, or blue light, yellow light etc - to see how it affected his mood and what Andrew. The results are wild

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