Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Big Poppa Puff, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Thank you DaCaptain for sharing with us your beautiful works!
  2. Yur makin an old pirate blush LOL! Poppa, you da Mon, Mon!
    Da"I'll Keep Postin"Captn
  3. I like your poems and pics.

    Growing up in the hills of coal mine country i always dreamed of escaping to the sea but life seemed to get in the way.

    I now dream of the stars and the moon and the sun.
  4. Yeah! I'm liking your work a lot! I just came across it last night.

    BTW. Is that you on your avatar?

    Thought it was Hank Williams Jr. for a second.

    I hope I did'nt just insult you!:)
  5. Yeah, I grew up on a farm in upper SC, Piedmont Mts. Got outta there as soon as I could (16) and haven't stopped goin since! Thanks again for your encouragement and I want to encourage you too, Mon. At least you have your dreams! Never give up on your dreams, no matter how dark it gets, one little match will light up the Superdome. I have made and lost 3 fortunes and your health is more important than anythingum that you have got or can ever get....there I go...ramblin on and on.;)
    Sea Ya!
    Da"Ripped Again"Captn
  6. Thanks for lettin me know that you like this old stuff! It really helps to know that all this work is not in vain:) If you'll look and read ,I'll keep it up.
    Da"Gots A Bunch A Work"Captn
  7. I really appreciate your kind comments and i will post ifin you'll answer:) It's fun to be here with people that "see" thingums like I do!
    Da"Pass It This Way"Captn
  8. I understand where you came from. My wife worked for a company in Seneca and I think Oconee County is one of the prettiest places East of Mississippi. But that whole region is or used to be dominated by the textiles the same way Kentucky was run by the coal companies. I like visiting both places but wouldn't want to move to either.

    I lived in the Big Easy working for a while, and liked it except it was too big and fast for an old hillbilly. I still like visiting there, but only for a little while. After looking at concrete and buildings, I get an itch to watch the sun come up over the trees.

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