Article: Why Cable & Satellite TV Is Going To Cost You Even More

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  1. NEW YORK (CNN/Money) -- Your cable bill is going up this year -- and next year, and the year after that -- with no end in sight.

    The average digital cable customer already pays almost $75 a month, according to research firm Centris. And many subscribers pay more than $100 to tune in to everything from "The Daily Show" to "Jersey Shore."

    Customers see an average annual price hike of 5%, analysts say -- which means that in five years they'll be shelling out more than $95 a month for TV.

    "There will always be an increase in cable bills," said Miller Tabak & Co. media analyst David Joyce. "Times are changing and providers have to make up losses somewhere, so consumers bear the brunt of it."


    Every industry player is faced with the threat of Web-based television, with cheap content available on sites like Netflix and Apple's iTunes store. Even better are new software packages which let users access thousands of satellite channels for free, using their existing internet connection.

    Viewers can now watch all of their favorite shows from online services like VeryBest.TV, which offers full access to over 2,000 channels worldwide in English (and an additional 1,500 channels in other languages). Viewers only have to pay one time for the software, and then all television viewing and guide updates are free forever.


    Advertisers are also unhappy about Internet TV, as sites like Hulu and VeryBest.TV offer very limited commercial interruption, noted Steven M. Rogé, portfolio manager at R. W. Rogé & Company.

    The future of commercial time on Web-based platforms remains unclear, as the nascent medium continues to develop. However the days of both having to watch commercials AND pay big monthly fees are coming to an end.



    Wow I hate these guys... I'm just going to hook my PC up to my TV and watch everything online from now on! :devious:
  2. Well i'm gonna start trying HDMI anyways so i dont need to bother to burn movies to disc.
    That internet thing looks good on the side if it has a bunch of movie channels. If i had a house id put one of those 9 foot dishes in my backyard.

    Cable prices are nuts. They only pay the channels like a third of that too i think and keep billions just for wiring your shit. $70 gets you 60 channels and theres still not much on there. Fuck they need more channels like on those black box sattilites
  3. Funny how I just got something in the mail about my cable going up too....

    One day people will stop paying for cable and start just using internet TV more. Most people already are and if it keeps increasing in popularity and people find out easy ways (not that it isn't easy already) to connect it to their TV and cable will decrease.

    I remember when Verizon Fios came around my town trying to get people to switch to the other Cable provider and how crazy they were dropping prices and trying to save you money. The fight continues.

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