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  1. Ok so im a new grower. I started with a small tent but the temperature is in like high 80 to 90 degrees. So i was wondering if anyone had use a. Artic Air portable ac and if this might work ? Its on the link.

    arctic air portable temperature - Google Search
  2. That will not be a suitable solution to your high temperature problem.

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  3. hard to believe but i actually own that stupid little thing. bought it as a joke for another reason. it actually DOES work... if you want to cool an area about 1 foot x 1 foot square lol.
    if you put it on a counter or a desk you are working at and blow it on you it does help keep you cooler. the little fan in it is useless so i put another small tabletop fan in front of it to blow out the small amount of cold air it produces.
    it works as a novelty item in that situation.

    for what you are asking for it to do - drop temps in an entire grow tent.... you would need 3 dozen of these things in there. oh, and at full blast max cooling setting it go thru the water in it in about an hour so you are constantly refilling all day too. LOL

    sorry, this won't work for your tent.
  4. If the tent is surrounded by cooler air, then you can probably solve the problem with greater air flow.
    If you're using a carbon filter with exhaust fan, turn up the speed.
    Otherwise add an exhaust fan.

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