1. what has anyone found to be the best medicinal use of cannabis for arthritis and at what doses
  2. thanks i have a topical that i made what about patches or tincture
  3. Dragon Lite.....another Tincture Thread
    Sam is the man to talk with for tinctures and patches. We tend to cluster on his thread as a communal gathering spot.
    You'll find everything you need between his tinctures and my threads on Oils.
    Hash Master 5000 - Dry Ice Method, Hash Oil Capsules, Everclear Tincture

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

    I'd not realized just how well my high doses of oral cannabis oil I use to treat my post surgical issues had been masking my back pain until I started weaning back my total dosage.
    OUCH !! Double back down on Cannabis oil and was right as rain in a few hours.
    As to just how well it'll work it on Arthritis pain I don't know as I haven't had the opportunity to offer it to a sufferer. It does work double duty amazingly well as a surface topical for most aches and pains so I don't see why it wouldn't offer at least some relief.
    I know from plunging both hands into tincture it'll numb your hands quite well but it'll stone the hell out of you in the process.

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  4. Where is your arthritis? It really depends where your arthritis is. I have arthritis in my ribs and my spine - the flair ups can be really bad because those joints are always in motion when you try to do anything (ie breathing, eating, walking, sitting, etc). For me the best treatment is edibles. Brownies work great for me and currently I'm experimenting with an alcohol based tincture. Vaping works but not quite as well for me and it doesn't have the lasting effects like edibles do. If you have arthritis in your hands, knees, wrists, ankles or elbows (areas like that) then I think a topical may be a good place to start.
  5. in my knees and hand what is the receipe for the tincture you were talking about putting hands in and they numb you and also get you high
  6. You probably don't want to put tincture directly on because you won't be able to spread it well and you'll end up using too much product, perhaps try making a lotion.

    Check out the list of links here: Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it
  7. Decarb weed (240 F for 40 minutes)
    freeze equal amounts of 151 or 190 proof ever clear and weed.
    Combine, Shake 10-15 seconds and strain.
  8. just leave the alcohol in mix
    i have a lot of homework
    any you recommend
  9. looks good how much weed and is it ok to leave all the alcohol in it
  10. [​IMG]

    A near full quart of weed will extract into a full fifth of booze.
    Scale to amount of weed you have.

    This is the net take for 7 fifths of 190 proof and about 1.5 pounds of weed bud scraps left after I smash it all for dry ice hash.

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