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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by skateandsmoke, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. What kind art supplies do you use, where do you get your supplies? This is just to discuss whatever you guys like to use when you are drawing, painting, etc.
  2. If im not using my wacom tablet and photoshop, then I'm using charcoal or india ink bought from my local art store. I dig high contrast art.
  3. I just use basic drawing pencils 6B-4H that I've collected over time, and cheap dollar store watercolor paint. Same with brushes/colored pencils
  4. I have a serious art supply problem. I'm addicted to them. Dick Blick's here in Chitown, and online vendors, too. Palettes and colors and brushes, Oh My!

    Seriously, my kids and DH get me gift cards for Xmas and birthday, Mother's Day, etc. Easy for them and I get to go crazy. Mostly I watercolor, now. Used to sell handmade glass beads online and in our store, but we closed due to the economy and a greedy f*cking landlord. :eek:
  5. Any blank piece of paper and a plain pencil or pen works well enough unless you plan on selling it.
  6. Woodcraft, for the exotic woods, sandpaper, and tools I use. Harbour freight for some stuff.

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