Arsenic in your Water????

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HydroGanic, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Hey all :)

    I just had a grower ask me what effect Arsenic in their well water would have on their plants and especially consumption of those plants.

    Seems they have a well on their property they'd like to use (It isn't on a water meter) but the levels of Arsenic in it are supposed to be higher than that allowed by U.S. govts.

    1) Will using it cause any health issues with the plants or the humans that consume it?

    2) Will a PUR filter cut out the Arsenic or will it have to be an RO filter?

    3) Is there anything else that can be done to get the Arsenic out?

    Thanks :) This has been bothering them for some time now.
  2. i wouldnt worry bout the effects on consumtion, doubt the plant would grow.
  3. my whole town the levels are higher. Hasnt hurt my plants though
  4. IM sure it would be fine, we are exposed to high levels of toxins all the time, id still filter it threw some kind of filter and get the filtered water checked too see if it dropped Aresenic levels.

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