ars appreciation

Discussion in 'General' started by geologyrox, May 1, 2006.

  1. so my drunk ass choses to use this opportunity to thank those that have gone before...

    ars happens to be the soul that brought on this wave of appreciation, but there are many who have contributed to keeping me having fun yet safe in my skin...

    particularly for the great picture of the stoned 70 year old grandma stoned on the phone eating some subway =)

  2. I would like to see this picture.
  3. my apologies, the picture is only in my head...

  4. :(
  5. oh, comeon, rolla... can't you picture it as clearly as I can? =)

  6. Someone needs to photoshop it.
  7. lol, yep ars is a cool person.
  8. ars is awsome. we talk on AIM sometimes
  9. I, too have grown to appreciate and admire Ars. He's given me reason to think on several occasions. :cool:
  10. Ars is a very wise stoner. He seems almost a sage to me. Sitting around a campfire, passing the peace pipe, drinking peyote tea, tossing down some X. Hell yea!

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