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  1. WTF???!!!
    No book reimbursement???
    I switched colleges, and my book reimbursement got "lost" in the shuffle.
    The school im currently attending said I wasnt on their list to receive book reimbursement and that they cut back the amount of money so the kids that werent on the list probably wouldnt be able to get reimbursed, so I called my previous school to see if my name was on their list and they gave me some bullshit run-around "please hold, I have to transfer you to so-and-so dept"
    I was on hold for 20 min then I got directed to a voicemail.
    Im so pissed. My books this semester alone costed $550.
    I really needed that money. :(
  2. Dude i'm sorry to hear that, that's rough. You should still try to get in contact with your old school. Don't let them ignore you like that. If that doesn't work, you could always sell books online or something, but you would still lose money from it.
  3. dam, this is just a bullshit week in everyones life, They tried running that same bullshit with me about books, but i changed classes and it was like i didnt excitst to them.., just chill and enjoy the weekend and rest up n give em hell on monday

    Stay Blazed
  4. That sucks, my school doesn't have any reimbursment program. But there is a bookshop where everyone sells their books when they're done with them. And they usually give you 60% of what you bought them for.

    I went there last week, and I only got like 40 bucks for books that i bought for 500. Because that was the last year they used that version of the book.
  5. welcome to my world, parents are extremely well off, dont help me out wit it, so i get NO financial aid whatsoever, like 0, so i end up eating that bill every semester, ive just come down to not buying shit unless theres hw out of that book, otherwise i just dont buy them

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