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  1. Got pulled over last weekend. Had just picked up an 1/8th of some chronic. Was driving to my sisters to go smoke, and got pulled over. Cop asked if he could search my car,but I haven't smoked in there in god knows how long so I said no because he had no reason. Pig ended up calling the k9 unit and they got me for possession and paraphernalia. Was my first offense since I'm 18 so my lawyer said I should get off with community service/ drug classes, still sucks I won't be able to smoke for a while.
  2. so you didn't consent to the search and he searched without a warrant?
  3. Yeah pretty much. I talked to my lawyer cause I thought it was bullshit, but pretty much you can say no to a search but not to a k9, at least thats the way my lawyer explained it.
  4. man that's rough. i didnt know they were allowed to do that =[
  5. Yeah me either. Shitty situation, but after I go through drug classes all the charges will be dropped off my record. Just gonna be a while before I can toke up again.
  6. Yeah they're allowed to grab a k9 unit and see if he hits.

    Thats why i carry hamburger in my car, so i can blame the dog "hitting" on the hamburger.

    Its definitely worth a shot, my buddy saved his ass using this method.

  7. LOOOOL. ¨i carry hamburger¨....its like you named it.

  8. lmao thats crazy i literally just seen this on manswers not even an hour ago:D
  9. XD. just start going through airports with hamburgers in your pants concealing an ounce under your ball sack. XD. anyone who does this will earn my personal respect... for whatever its worth?

    but yah. it always sucks to get a cop that ACTUALLY calls the k9 still a bit fucked up. but atleast youll have a clean(er?) record
  10. If it's well hidden in your car and it doesn't smell, let them search your car. They're 100x less likely to do a really thourough search if you consent. If you don't and they find probable cause (k9 hits whether real or fake, seeing something in your car, etc), they'll look in every nook and cranny.

    Watch this:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Never Get Busted Again 5[/ame]

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