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Arrested with a 8th of shrooms.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by con310, Aug 22, 2008.

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  1. hey im just wondering what the laws on Shrooms in ALberta Canada are. if anyone knows?

    I was eating some shrooms with some friends and it started to kick in and I decided to go buy some more so any I was meeting the the guy only like 4 blocks we took my friends canadian-tire bought mini bike and I was on the back, so we drive down and meet the guy I buy 1/8th for 20$ then we get back on the mini bike and start driving down the street and some cops started tailing us and i didnt even notice until my friend turned down the alley to lose em and then they just turned theyre sirens on and started chasing I had a ziplock back of shrooms in my hand causue i had no pockets and it was night i thought id be alright..but i guess not. I tried to throw the shrooms in a bush but the ziplock bag got caught in the wind since it was a big bag and it just landed straight up in the middle of the alley...and my buddy had too stop the bike casue the cops were right on this bike goes like 20-30kph when theres 2 ppl on it so we had no chance of out runnin a cop car. So we stop I get arrested and they put me in the car and im in the Prime of my shroom trip right now too...i was seeing some crazy shit espically with the fuckin lights going...anyway they were actin like i was in serious trouble and all this BS, so they take me back to station and strip search me and put me in jail and I had a flight to to go back home to Toronto the next day and it was like 1 in the morning then and they said i was gonna be in for a few days mabye,Anyway i was only in the cell for like a few hours then they questioned me and let me go.

    Im just wondering whats the worst that coulda happened? i was really fuked up when it was going on and I couldnt really grasp much on the situation...Oh im 18 btw.
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