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    Hey dudes,

    I got arrested about a week ago for possession. Basically I was hanging out with some kids who had vandalized a window at a school a few minutes before I arrived. Upon arriving, they did not inform me what they had done. We were all chilling in a pizza parlor and two cops walked by outside, pointed at the kids I was with, and walked away. Naturally, we got really sketched out and I had 22 grams on me in a big single bag, tucked in my pants under my belt. After seeing the cops, I locked myself in the pizza parlor bathroom for a few minutes, unsure of what I should do. At this point, my friend knocked on the door and told me it was good to go, so we left the place and started walking down the sidewalk. After like 5 minutes the cops pulled up into a driveway in front of where we were walking, blocking us off.

    They got out of the car and told us to get in because they needed to question us separately about an incident, unaware that I wasn't even part of the vandalism. I said I didn't see why I had to go, and at this point the cop asked me if I had anything I shouldn't. I began to reply but he patted me down and quickly found the bag and put me in cuffs.

    Basically I have 3 questions...
    1. Was that a legal search? the cop claims he saw the bulge under my belt, but I don't see how he could have because my hands were in my sweatshirt pocket over the herb.
    2. What kind of punishment do you think I'm gonna be facing? I live in Fairfield county, Connecticut and was arrested just for possession.
    3. Do I really NEED to get a lawyer? This is my first offense and all the lawyers my parents have talked to are asking about $2500 to represent me. we really cant afford that, plus i've heard from a few kids in my town who have been arrested for possession that the trial is not at all a "guilty, not guilty" thing, so I'm wondering why exactly i need an attorney.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks
  2. if its your first offence and you got nothing on your record you probably have 3 choices. you can pay for a program and they put you in that no jail time or you could choose jail time i think. i forgot what else. lol it also could depend on the laws where you are. well not sure i helped but i gave it a try
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    Over 18? It sounds like you aren't (no offense, but just based on talking to your parents and walking around a pizza parlor). If not, you can most likely get your record sealed so it won't show up.

    My sister always got in trouble and the juvenile court system was a total joke imho. They seemed to want to lock up stoners, but runaways thieves like my dumbass sis wouldn't stay more than a day or two. I remember my mom begging the judge to keep her after she had run away for the upteenth time and the judge saying there was nothing she could do.
  4. I've gotten a UPM, they suck when you first get them. You're probably sketching out like crazy, when really it's nothing to worry about. I had a $200 dollar fine, and nothing on my record. You might have to do community service, or maybe something similar. Depends on your states laws and the judge..

    Don't fret about it too bad though, it's over man. Nothing you can do about it now except learn.
  5. Alright, all that info is useful...I'm glad it sounds like I don't have too much to worry about.

    Mainly though, I have to continue to push asking about I really need one? Will I be totally f'd without one?
  6. Court is not complicated, but you don't seem aware of your options or rights, so yeah, I suggest you invest the money in a lawyer.

    It's a shot you gotta call, kid.

  7. You never answered as to how old you are - that has a HUGE factor in this.

    If juvenile, and your parents are cool, have them call the solicitor and tell him that they've fucking locked you up, no video games/car, on and on and on. Tell them you're an A student, etc (although watch out, the judge may want to see grades or something) and so forth. They'll probably just let it slide.

    If your parents aren't cool, have them at least call and ask to speak with the solicitor, and ask if procuring counsel is recommended in that particular state. In mine, my mom actually got to sit down with the judge before the fake 'trial' and talk about what happened. It's a joke, really, imo.
  8. Well, if he's under 18, he shouldn't state his age in the first place cause he'll be banned :\

    But, if over 18, then yeah, its a BIG factor.

  9. ahhhhh I see.

    Well, if you're over 18 then you need to get a lawyer IMHO. No matter the cost - I would try to keep it off my record or whatever somehow.
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    Also, I know for a fact you need CONSENT to search a minor. He can't just say "empty your pockets", or "let me pat you down really quick"

    Should've said "I don't consent to searches, sir. And I'd appreciate it if I could be on my way, I have places to be, and I've done nothing wrong"


  11. I was always under the impression that a minor had no rights, and if a minor is without a parent then an officer automatically has consent to pat them down. I could be completely wrong, or maybe it's state-by-state.
  12. Minors do have rights, you can't just frisk a minor any time of the day without a reason or consent, its illegal

    (But, as you said, could vary state to state.)
  13. When I got arrested for my possession charge (Dallas), I had a lawyer represent me and it cost me $1000 out of my own pocket. He talked to the judge and told me that he had cut me a sweet deal, that I would only have to piss clean twice, some comm service, and two years probation, but once I was done it wouldn't go on my record. At the time I was basically like fuck yeah. Then I got to my drug awareness class come to find out that basically half the class had the same deal cut for them, and most of them didn't even use lawyers. I was pissed at that point. Just watch out, some lawyers will say they can get you the holy grail but theyre just full of shit sometimes. If I receive a possession charge in the future I'll probably take care of it without a lawyer, but if you don't know your way around court like I didn't, I'd probably just get a cheap lawyer to make it easier on yourself. ;)
  14. That 2500 is a retainer fee. The lawyer might not use all of it, you might get some money back when it's all said and done.

    I'd say, yeah you need a lawyer. That seems to me like it was an illegal search, so a good high class lawyer could probably get you out of it. Just gotta be willing to throw the money at the hungry hungry (legal) thief.
  15. Over an ounce is usaully a stonger charge, I would have told that cop he has no reason to search me, So unless im under arrest im going home. Cops cant just pull up and Random search you like a dude wearing a turban in the New york airport. Id just go and see what they offer, You will know the charges before you plead not guilty or guilty. Good luck man ive only been busted once...But it sounds like the kats you were rolling with should chip in if it comes down to fines.

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