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  1. Ok, first let me tell you I have really learned my lesson, and what I did was utterly stupid. I was arrested Saterday for shoplifting two energy drinks, thats it, totaling $3.00. I was apprehended upon leaving the store by a loss prevention staff member and detained untill local police arrived. I was arrested and charged with shoplifting, a misdemeanor I was told. I live in Ohio, and am 19 years old and have never been in trouble with the police before. I know what I did was retarted, and its something I never would have normaly done, it was kind of spur of the moment, I wasent thinking. The officer said that if I was offered a first offenders deal, I should take it so that it will come off my record later if I meet certain criteria. I guess what im asking is what kind of sentence should I get? I have to appear in municiple court May 3rd at 9am. If any of you could give me some advice it would greatly, greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you,
  2. More than likely, you'll get a slap on the wrist. A fine, comm. service, etc. I wouldn't sweat it at all.

    I was busted for underage drinking 2 years ago. $400 fine, 48 hours of community service (at a damn land fill during the summer...), 12 months unsupervised probation, and had to write essays on the perils of drinking. All of this for one beer.

    I was fuckin' raped in court...

    Good luck! You really don't have anything to worry about though.
  3. Your penalty will most likely be a fine and/or community service.

    Doesn't matter whether stole $3 or $500
  4. .... you have to go to court over 2 energy drinks?....

    .... only in america, where every(shoplifter)one is treated equally
  5. How much do you think the fine will be or how long the community service?
  6. my friend did something like you but he just had 1 coke. he had like a $100 fine or so and like 10 hours community service for his first offense. it wont be anything serious just play it off cool, and respect the judges etc.
  7. my friend got caught lifting a soda a few years ago. the cop that came just laughed and made him fork over the $1.39 and that was it. probably because he was a tubby, innocent looking 14 year old.
  8. i really cannot see how the penalty will be too was a few energy drinks, although we are all aware that the punishment doesnt always fit the crime
  9. Sorry friend. I was just busted for theft of less than 500 dollars. No matter if it's .50 cents or 499 dollars its still the same misdemeanor. If this is your first offense you will land a fine and have to call a service officer every 2 weeks and do community service.

    If you have previous offenses like me, youre looking at one year probation.. 50 hours of community service and possibly jail time.... then again I did somethng to scare the piss out of them before.. soo.. thats different ^-^

    Youll be fine.
  10. A buddy of mine was stealing a Video card from walmart when a loss prevention dude tried to grab him at the door, my buddy being a very large hard ass, immediately pulled a knife on the guy then proceeded to beat the shit out of him. Lesson here? Loss prevention better not try to stop my friends leaving a store unless they are armed or have a police escort....
  11. were you burned out?
  12. What the hell is "loss Prevention". Are those in store security guards?
  13. Well I guess im not so much worried about the fine (well yea, i kinda am), but its the fact that its going to be on my record. Like will this stupid shit keep me from getting a decent job? Is there anyway that I can get it off of my record later?
  14. dont worry dude its all good what they do is you'll go to court and the judge will give you a small fine (like 100 somethin bucks) and u'll have to go to a 4 hour class about retail theft and they'll expunge your fingerprints and take it off your record upon completion

    jus dont get caught again or u'll be like me, on probation with 500 some dollars of court costs over 2 dollars of candy, oh and i might have to do rehab
  15. there not even gonna call
  16. Ok guys, i have a update since I just came back from court. When I got there he asked what I wanted to plead and I said guilty, and he placed me on probation. So now from what I understand, May 11th I have to return and talk to this probation officer, and he's gonna get my story of what happened and what not, and then I think when I get sentenced, hes gonna have some say in my punishment. What'd do you guys think?
  17. u got probation for that? wtf, thats some crap, if they start random drug testing you id be straight pissed! hopefully not, but the most should have been divergence or somen like that.

  18. Yeah, in this case a swift kick in the butt would've solved everyones problems :D

    edit: Im really sorry to hear you got probation man, what a bummer. Hopefully you're PO wont give you too much crap when you tell him you stole 3.00.
    BTW what kind of energy drinks were they?
  19. either your under the age of 18 or... you just got really unlucky. i think you just got really unlucky since your postin on the site. sucks to hear tho bro, keep clean and dont mess up.. dont even try to pull shit i did when i was a juvenille and got sentanced to DoC

  20. Two 8oz Mt Dew. Amp Energy drink :eek:

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