Arrested for verbally assualting an officer?

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  1. Last night i came home wasted as fuck and my mom ended up kicking me out of the house (keep in mind i am on the last month of my year long probation)

    So i passed out against our mailbox and was awoken at 3am. It was a police officer shining his fucking flashlight in my face. I was so pissed i flipped a shit and told him to get of my mother fucking property asshole. he was shining a light in my fucking face on my property just waking me up. I got put in the drunk tank for several hours now i have a violation of probation for verbally assualting a police officer and have another court date. See ya freedom.
  2. Yet another reason why people are better off without alcohol.
  3. get ready to get into those stripes and into that Ramen noodle game in county
  4. Just be very respectful to the Judge. Explain that you were awoken in a very abrupt manner and was not thinking straight. Also that is a very shakey charge since he was not in the act of arresting you. See this: :smoke:

    Freedom of speech is protected under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, so non-threatening verbal "abuse" of a police officer is not in itself criminal behavior,[14][15][16] though some courts have disagreed on what constitutes protected speech in this regard.[17][18] The United States Supreme Court ruled in 1942 that fighting words that "tend to incite an immediate breach of the peace" are not protected speech, but later cases have interpreted this narrowly,[19] especially in relation to law enforcement officers.[20]
  5. Yeah, that is against the law.

    Sucks dude.

  6. Your tongue is officially probation too, damn
  7. ohhhhh that would suck if you got all your back up time back haha..
  8. tell the judge you were drunk. They'll understand.
  9. Yeah, that's ridiculous that a police officer would investigate someone passed out drunk against a mailbox in someone's yard

    It's like, "Hey, what's so unusual about sleeping near the mailbox. Maybe it's weird you sleep in a bed."

    You know
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    As long as youre of legal drinking age and drinking isnt against the terms of your probation I would just tell the judge you passed out drunk on your own property and that the police officer woke you up by shining his flashlight in your eyes, which understandably would agitate just about anyone.

    The unexpected, irritating, and probing nature of the incident caused you to have a brief lapse in judgment in which you said to the officer "get of my mother fucking property asshole!" Depending on how you handle it in court, the judge may let it slide because whether or not the officer was actually in the right is a bit iffy, so i definitely see room for convincing.

    But if youre not of legal drinking age or it is against the terms of your probation, Id say maybe you shouldve thought twice, and better luck next time.
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. damn I'm belligerent with police when they come at mi wrong an never been charged with that I can at least say. get that flashlight outa my face bitch
  14. no what you do is empty out onna those generic cheeto bags you get off the commissary, pour your ramen in there. Run the sink a minute on hot so you got some warm water, put the water in the bag, cover the sink hole with the bag and let the water run over the bag as it soaks up the water..

    jail house ingenuity

  15. is this you? Doritos and Ramen, Dorito Noodle Soup | Startup Fiance
  16. also.. your own front yard or not.. thats public intox and i kno thats against your probation.. so you violated no doubt
  17. This is your best chance of getting out on this. Although, the odds are not in your favor with probation because they can just get you for public intoxication too.
  18. Did the LEO identify himself as a police officer before you started "verbally abusing" him? If not maybe use that as your defense.
  19. Slippin on your last month of Prop? Whats wrong with you? Lol
    spreads n manwhiches.
    Ftw! Goodluck OP, prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
  20. now you got people trying to get locked down so they can make all their favorite swolles

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