Arrested for theft. Will I get convicted?

Discussion in 'General' started by 5/325watson, May 31, 2009.

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    The police thinks I stole a wallet, here is what the survallience video shows.

    I work at the grocery store and have handed in 3 wallets.

    It shows the person leaving the grocery store with her cart, the wallet is cleary visible in her cart.

    1 minute and 30 seconds later it shows me walking in from the side with a black item in my hands that is unidentifiable.

    Then it shows me walk thourgh the store with an apparent buldge in my pocket, I walk into the bathroom spend 2 minutes in there then walk out of the bathroom with the buldge in my pocket.

    The video ends.

    Well is that enough to get me arrested for a theft I didn't commit?
  2. What's your explanation for the disappearing bulge?
  3. "That's my cock, officer!"
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    you so did it.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Lmfao. Haha, Well the question is, did you take it? Just be honest with them to prove how much of dicks they are if they convict you for something you didn't do.

  7. The cop wasen't sure if the buldge was gone or not when I walked out of the bathroom.
  8. dude even if you did do it, dont admit to it what ever you do
    make them prove it which if you didnt do, they cant.
    and be careful with every word you say around them and anything you write down, there fucking sneaky downtown.

  9. They can't prove anything but the camera thing might be enough for a jury to convict me
  10. Is the woman an eyewitness? Did she identify you as the thief?

    When you were arrested did they find anything unusual on you?
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    "That black thing I had was my lube!"

    Well...If the wallet you apparently "took" is black and shaped like the item you were carrying. It's probably good enough to convict you. Unless you come up with a damn good proof that the item wasn't a wallet.

  12. No she didin't see me take a wallet.

    She didin't ID me as the thief.

    And they didn't find anything unushual on me.
  13. But did she see you milling around her cart or something like that?
  14. Nope. I was busy pushing carts. She works at the store just like me. She saw me and asked if I found a wallet. I said no i'll go take a look, I couldn't find it and I sent her to ther service desk.
  15. If it clearly shows that she had her wallet in her cart
    then why were you being arrested/ blamed for theft

    what was that black unidentifiable object that you walked in with?

    something doesn't add up here for some reason.
    or maybe i'm just missing a part of the story. :confused_2:

  16. The black object was my wallet or I forgot what it was im not sure which yet.
  17. Yup, if you're innocent there's absolutely nothing to worry about. If it went down exactly as you say, then there's no direct evidence and there's no way this is going to court. Out of interest, what were you carrying?

  18. -classic!
  19. How much cash was in the wallet?

    Any credit cards?
  20. For real? What were you doing carrying your wallet while you were pushing carts and sending someone to customer service to look for a missing wallet?

    Damn too many holes in the story for me to understand :smoking:

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