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Arrested for possession of under 2 Oz's in Texas...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by JCJustChillin, May 28, 2010.

  1. Whats up yall, I just got arrested for possession of under two ounces the other night and one of my friends said that my license would get suspended at my court date, is this true?? I looked it up at the NORML website and didn't see anything about it... has anyone else been charged with this and had that happen??
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    Highly doubt that. Your offense, as Texas law sees it, isn't much different than getting caught with just a gram, except obviously you will have a substantially larger fine.
  3. Yikes, i feel for you man.

    And sorry, I have no clue :(
  4. You a first time offender?
    Expect no more then a hefty fine, community service and probation.
    Maybe some drug classes... Texas is pretty easy on first time offenders.
    One thing I like about TX is the ammount laws
  5. I don't know how Texas is, but in GA misdemeanor possession (under 1 oz) is 6 month restricted license to drive to school/work and maybe probation and maybe community service. And likely a hefty fine.
  6. I got busted in Austin with a QP of homegrown, I would've done a week in jail but I bonded out after booking..
    If you're a repeat drug offender you may get jail time, if not I wouldn't stress myself out over it.
    Get a lawyer if you can afford one if not get a public defender.
  7. you can get caught with pretty much anything in SC and loose your license. Not everytime, but i know people to get caught with minimal amounts and loose it. My other buddy got caught with like 9 grams and got offered pti to get rid of the charge bc it was a first offense and he didnt loose his. Prob bc he had a scholarship. A lot of the time i think its stereotyping the person on whether they think they have a future or not. BS! :mad:
  8. EDIT Btw I didn't lose my license...
    They were going to take it but luckily my lawyer was on point.
  9. Yeah this was my first offense of anything other then speeding tickets on my record. The bail bond people said that my fine would get waived (somehow) since I was a first time offender, but one of my friends said he had his license suspended after he got caught, but now that I think about it he had an oz of dank, ecstasy, coke, and a whole bunch of other shit, in a stolen vehicle. and just recently got caught with a qp, so i guess that makes sense that he had his license suspended...
  10. Read the FlexYourRights 10 Rules thread and learn how to avoid getting caught :D So you dont make the same mistake twice
  11. Cali you just get like a $100 fine. unless you have it bagged up separately then they get you with intent to sell which is a lot more shit...
  12. I got pinched for the same thing in Texas last spring. Drug class, 2 clean months, and community service got mine EXPUNGED. Clean record and no probation.
  13. Man in my city you can be caught with 2 ounces and a scale and still "claim" it to be a personal stash. I also live in a city where small amounts of marijuana result at worst in a 50 dollar fine. Just get a lawyer nugga and he'll tell you the scoop. I'd assume they'd ass rape you down thurr in the dirty South.

  14. where in houston do you live?
  15. In Texas you can lose your license for 6 months on any narcotics charges. There is a way around it get a lawyer and try to get it deferred. You get no final conviction, probation, a drug class, and some fines but get to keep your license and at the end of your probation you can get the records sealed so employers can't see it in a background check.
  16. I live right near NASA.

    One of my friends who has a drug charge on his record gave me the number of some David Breaston. Anyone heard of him? And is it really worth it to get a lawyer? I was planning on just pleading no contest and taking whatever was given to me... I'm also considering just not blazing until its legal... Is that dumb or what should I do??
  17. Just got busted tonight too, every piece is now gone.

    Fuck this country. Legalize.
  18. I got caught with possession in New Jersey under 50 grams, and since it's my first offense I'll likely get probation, community service and a fine. You shouldn't be too different.

  19. I don't know your exact situation so don't take this as legal advice but I'd say if you can afford it get a lawyer or at least talk to one...the way the system is set up if you have a lawyer you can get off of shit or get it pleaded down...try to negotiate a plea deal yourself? Yeah right.

    And whether or not you're gonna blaze until it's legal, well that thought is a reaction to your current situation, a legally healthy one in the context of your situation. But IDK man you gotta do what you feel, what you're comfortable with. No sense getting all stressed and shit over bud.

  20. Quit plugging your thread everywhere.

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